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big matt

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The DH88 is available in printable paper (1:33 scale) from JM Precision Models This is an excellent model and is available in two versions - red "Grosvenor House" and black "Black Magic" as an add-on package to the "Grosvenor House" version. Excellent illustrated instructions.

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Matt, looking good, are you by any chance trying to become a next generation Ruzikampf :punk: :punk:

I have just 1 question did you have an accident riding your bycicle and slamming your head on the ground, because looking at this you got to have some sort of brain damage :piliot: (i`m not crazy i`m an aeroplane and if you don`t believe me get out)



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Thanks for the compliment Maru, I appreciate it.


David! What rock have you been hiding under??? No accident on the bike, knock on wood, but you know I am a little nuts! :mental: I miss Russ a lot and I hope he would have approved of this build. Thanks for looking in buddy.


Ok, progress continues at a snails pace. Lots of cutting and re-cutting. I have been trying to work out some of the limitations very thin plastic imposes. The paper kit has a very nice way of reinforcing each step but the parts get a bit flimsy waiting to be connected and are easy to damage. I guess ham-fisting it is not working out.








base pieces of the center section bomb bay










Not the most spellbinding update but it is exciting to see the shapes starting to emerge.


For me anyway.

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Excellent progress Matt - it is starting to look like an aircraft already :goodjob:


Seeing as members seem to be getting pretty excited about your build, I wonder if anyone would be interested in a plastic card scratch building 101?:unsure:


What I am thinking of here is not a direct paper to plastic card build, such as the splendid work you are all seeing here, but rather an aircraft subject that has no (or at least, very few) compound curves to deal with (including the windscreen/canopy). Better still, if a single plastic kit can be sourced for the 'fiddly' bits (wheels, legs, cockpit parts, props/engine, etc), then that would make life easier for everyone. So, something for you all to think about...Any subject ideas? (If there is, I shall start a new topic).


I would most likely go with 1mm/.040" plastic card, as this is a common thickness and offers adequate strength and lamination possibilities.


Meanwhile, your Helldiver is starting to look very :speak_cool: Matt!





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Interesting idea Derek. I always thought the HS129 would be a subject to tackle as far as the fuselage and canopy were concerned but the nacelles look very tricky.


A how-to would be cool as I am learning as I go. Making the same piece more than once is not a very exciting way to go, believe me.


I am doing this project for multiple reasons including the lack of an injection or resin kit in this scale. There are quite few other planes I want to do and this seemed the only way so I had better learn. I also do not like being limited by what most companies consider to be what we want/need. Another 109 anyone???


It's all good in the neighborhood.

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Guest Peterpools


Not much different then nearly building the real deal. Might just be progress at a snail's pace but the work is precise and meticulous!


:clap2: :bow:



:popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

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Not so sure about precise Peter! I'll take it though. :)


Well I actually got the wings together. I can't believe it. The careful tracing paid off and I only have a minor fit discrepancy that I think can get corrected without too much difficulty. My mind is still racing on how to skin this thing though.


Here is todays progress.


Wings together






Dihedral looks ok




Here is the start on the bomb bay. There is a TON of detail in here. I hope I do not go insane trying to fit it in. The kit makes no allowance for plumbing so I will consult my trusty Detail and Scale, Dr. Mufenheart will be pleased. Sorry, inside joke for Alfonso...




I think a small break is in order. I can feel the train speeding up and I have a sharp turn coming up, Casey Jones has to watch his speed. Something new in SEA camo is calling...

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I think a small break is in order. I can feel the train speeding up and I have a sharp turn coming up, Casey Jones has to watch his speed. Something new in SEA camo is calling...

Brilliant prgress Matt!

Shame you are going to slow down on this one to start another but its a joy to watch your building.

Guess you just have to Sluff it out????? :coolio:


Phil :thumbsup:

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Thanks for checking in Jason. Take all the meds you can find! This is a fun but taxing project.


Phil, no shame here. I want to keep going but am afraid I will start to screw stuff up if I don't slow down. Waiting on art from ad astra. I also am waiting on confirmation of delivery on a second SEA project. Gotta love dirty jets...



Hi Peter, welcome aboard! I don't know how you paper guys do it. My friend Tomek sent me that link and the work is amazing. I have followed a few other paper builds as well. Great work all around. I am stumbling through in plastic and feel more comfortable with that medium. You guys sure have some wonderful kits to choose from.


Got to finish the bomb bay and then get started on the wheel wells. They are going to be scary, lots of little pieces.



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Glad you're just slowing the build down Matt. I was worried for a while you will put it aside for longer period of time. I definitely underestimated your mulit-build capability :lol: . I think I know why you're doing it, and it may be a great way to stay focus on this kit ;)

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