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Most Wanted Poll / Wish List 2022 (and beyond)


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If we are going to dream, let's really dream in 1:32 Technicolor.

A4K, Bristol 170 Mk.31 (military and civil),  DH Hornet (RAF and RN),  Hawker Fury, Walrus, SAAB Draken, HS 748 (military and civil), Yak 9D, Kawanishi H6k Mavis, DHC Twin Otter, SARO Princess, Canadair F86 Mks 4, 5 and 6, P26, HP 42, Blohm and Voss BV 222, Curtis C-46, SAAB 21, Fairey Gannet,Vickers Viscount 800, Po I-15, Fairey Firefly, P36,  Short Sunderland, Henschel Hs 123, AugustaWestland AW-101 Merlin, Blackburn Buccaneer, SM79 Sparviero, Sea Fury, CH-47 Chinook, Vickers Super VC-10, Shin Meiwa US-2, Blohm and Voss BV 141, DH 82 Tiger Moth, Fokker F-27, Po-2, CAC Boomerang, Folland Gnat, Fairey Fox (including optional floatplane version), PZL P.11, Kawanishi H8k Emily, Avia B-534, Britten-Norman Islander, Mil Mi-24V Hind-E, VL Myrsky, SAAB Viggen, Short Stirling, Antonov An-2, Fokker F-28, Aichi M6A1 Seiran (plus an I-400 sub to go with it?).


If that last wasn't far enough out there, how about some of the never-went-into-production ones from the flying unicorns and rainbows universe?


Avro Arrow, Nakajima G10N Fugaku,  Caproni Campini N-1, Martin Baker MB5, J7W2, TSR2, NA XB-70, Vickers V-1000/VC-7, CAC CA-15 Kangaroo, Messerschmitt Me-264, Fairey Rotodyne (prototype and proposed enlarged production model).


Edited for a typo and to say I'd also be looking for a supplementary item for the Bristol 170: Safe Air's cargon loader with an operator (aftermarket?) which would make a great diorama.

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Again .. 

B-26 Marauder
Martin Maryland
Martin Baltimore

Fairey Fulmar

Fiat CR.32
MC.200 Saetta 
S.M. 79 Sparviero

Vickers Wellington
Dornier Do-217

Boulton Paul Defiant 

NF Mosquitos


A-20 with glase nose (HK ?)
NF Beaufighter (Infinity ?)
Aichi D3A Val (Infinity)
Nakajima B5N Kate (Infinity)


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A high quality   1/32 Hughes H1 racer.    :wub:


I would build this baby using automotive paint techniques for the gloss blue and Alclad chrome for the polished aluminum. It would be a jewel in anyone's model cabinet.


I'm ready to buy ! 


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On 1/10/2023 at 3:00 AM, Mark B. said:

I would still like to see a P-51B/C Mustang done by either Hasegawa or the Revell team that did the Revell P-51D. 

Also a P-51A Mustang done by Hasegawa or Revell. 

Most certainly, but why not include Tamiya ?   Cost? Want a simpler build? They're unlikely to do any more LSPs?  Not arguing, just curious to know.

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I would love to see a styrene Viggen. I missed the Jetmods release, which I understand had fit issues anyway (and I really don't want to build a full resin kit for the obvious reasons of complexity, fit, working with CA glue, etc.).

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Slowly my list is getting whittled down, thank you Revell with a Hurricane and SH with a Whirlwind.

My main interests are RAF/FAA, and especially the early war years when a lot of the RAF/FAA aircraft were found wanting but their crews bravely fought on.

so on with the list, all injection moulded please:


Fairey Battle

BP Defiant

Blackburn Skua (and Roc)

Bristol Blenheim

Fairey Fulmar

Westland Lysander (modern moulding)


And later in the war


Hawker Typhoon

Fairey Firefly (BPF)

Fairey Barracuda

Gloster  E28/39

Gloster Meteor FIII

Supermarine Seafires (Merlin)

Supermarine Spitfire XII





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On 2/23/2023 at 12:12 AM, MikeC said:

Most certainly, but why not include Tamiya ?   Cost? Want a simpler build? They're unlikely to do any more LSPs?  Not arguing, just curious to know.

Hi Mike,

It's a little of both.  My build preference for Aircraft is usually depicting them armed and fueled for a mission and just waiting the crew to arrive.  This leads to a "simpler build".  Then my father's frugality rears it's head and I can't see spending $120+ US on a kit that I will only use half the parts....  I'd have to really have a special bond to an airframe (the kind I have with the F-4 Phantom II) to  justify buying a kit and putting a large portion of it in the spares box....


Happy modeling

Mark B.

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We have similar approaches it seems: mine are usually on the flight line: maybe ready to crew up and go, or maybe parked for the night.  I don't usually get every last detail in, but I aim for what I call "operational accuracy": pilot's kit correct for the service and period, no armed aircraft undergoing serious maintenance at the same time, and unless I've got actual proof/certain knowledge that flaps were down on the ground (Mustang, HS Hawk etc) they stay up - although one day a Spitfire with flaps down, accompanied by a chastened junior pilot and the Flight Sergeant bawling him out, might be amusing to do.


Anyway, we're pretty much on the same page it seems, although I'm perhaps not as frugal as I should be sometimes - large-scale Tamiya kits are my downfall.  Thanks for satisfying my curiosity.

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