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Most Wanted Poll / Wish List 2018 (and beyond)

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Here's Mine,


WWII USAAF / USN- p-61, king fisher


WWII RAF / FAA Beaufighter (new tool)


WWII Germany-- me-410, Ju-52, Do-217


WWII Japan Ki-43 nick,


WWII Russia-- Tu-2


Post-WWII Canada / Europe-- mirage f-1


Post-WWII USAF / USN -f9f panther, t-38


Post-WWII RAF / Royal Navy- jaguar,


Post-WWII Russia --mig-25, mig-31


1/24th Scale Kits- mirage f-1.

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Personally I would like to see Tamiya bring out in there new 'superkit' range a Hawker Hurricane Mk1 (not many Hurris around) and a Hawker Sea Fury....and perhaps Revell to top off their German bombers with a Dornier 17....

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Roland C.II


Golden Age / Pre WWII


Any U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, or civilian




Northrop P-61B

Bell P-63





Hawker Typhoon bubble canopy


WWII Germany


He 219


WWII Japan


Irving night fighter


WWII Russia


Any Yak or Lavochkin fighter; Petlyakov Pe-2




Grumman F7F; F11F

Republic F-84F


Post-WWII RAF / Royal Navy


Supermarine Swift


Post-WWII Russia


MiG-15, MiG-17, Su-7, Su-15TM




Vietnam era Huey Cobra; Vietnam era USMC CH-46

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My Wish List:


Golden Age / Pre WWII - P6-E, N3N-3, Napier Heston Racer, Stearman PT-13, Martin M-130 China Clipper


WWII USAAF / USN - Beech C-45, F4U-5, F4U-7, AU-1 , F2G, B-25J, P-61, B-25 C/D, P-63


WWII RAF - Tempest V, Tempest II, Spit Mk I/II, Beaufighter


German - Ju-88G nite fighter, He-219


Post-WWII USAF / USN - P-51H, FJ-2 Fury, FJ-3 Fury, F-84F, F-86H, F-86D, Northrup X-4, F4D Skyray, F-82


Post-WWII RAF / Royal Navy - DH Hornet, Spit Mk 22/24


Thanks for the opportunity!


Al Keller


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I thought I had written these down, but couldn't find that I did. Here is my list. It is too long and has some unlikely candidates, but the first one on the list in each topic is my first choice




Lohner flying boat (L135)

Hansa Brandenberg C.1

Hansa Brandenberg D.1 Starstrutter

Hansa Brandenberg W.12 floatplane

Breguet XIV

Salmson 2A2

Aviatik D.1 Berg


Caproni Ca.3

Caudron G.3/4


Golden Age / Pre WWII


Curtiss P-6E

A-8 and A-12 Shrikes

Martin B-10B

SBC-3 and -4 Helldivers

Bristol Bulldog

PZL P-11c

PZL P-23B (and Romanian P-43) Karas

Lockheed Model 12, 14, 16 and 18 (you can make a Hudson, but let me convert it to civil)

Lockheed Orion and Vega




OS2U Kingfisher




WWII Germany


Junkers Ju-52 (with a dustbin gun turret as in Spain or on floats in SAS airliner colors)

Horton Ho229


WWII Japan





WWII Russia


Polikarpov I-15, I-152 and I-153


WWII Italy


SM-79 (even the airliner/racer version would be amazing)


WWII Other Countries






OV-10 (Cal Fire)


Post-WWII Canada / Europe


Saab Draken (fighter and recon)

Saab Viggen (AJ, JA, recon and two seater)

Saab 105

Saab Tunnan




PKZ (WWI dual prop Austro-Hungarian machine)





Thanks for collecting these,



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WWI fokker dvii


Golden Age / Pre WWII bristol bulldog


WWII USAAF / USN birdcage corsair vengeance


WWII RAF / FAA hurricane ii tempest typhoon whirlwind firefly


WWII Germany ju87a ju86


WWII Japan oscar


WWII Russia il4 lagg3 lagg5 yak1 yak3 yak9


WWII Italy fiat g50 fiat cr42 sm84


WWII Other Countries iar 80


Post-WWII USAF / USN fj3 fury f86d f86h skyknight skyray


Post-WWII RAF / Royal Navy vampire venom provost javelin jaguar buccaneer scimitar sea vixen seafire xv


Post-WWII Russia mig17 sukhoi su7 su9 su11 su7 firebar


Post-WWII Canada / Europe chipmunk fiat g91 fiat g91y viggen tunnan lansen


Helicopters wessex wessex wessex whirlwind




1/24th Scale Kits

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I never saw a closing date listed for this poll, even though it's 2012. Is it finished? If not, I'd like to add some stuff.

Naw, we's kin add more gud 1/32 scale aeroplanes to are lists. De odder guys dunt mind, deys good guys, aint youse? Ya bums ya.

So here's more of dem airplane tings wot we needs:

Japanese Val, Kate, Pete, Jake. Nell, Betty, Grace

German Heinkle 112 - now dat wuz a mean looking craft.

Dornier flying boats Do-J Do-18 Do-25

Dornier bombers Do-17, Do-215, Do-217

Blohm & Voss BV-138

USA Navy float planes & flying boats - all of dem

Italian Sm-79, Fiat Cr-42

Russian SB-2

USA/Britain Baltimore, A-20, B-26 Marauder

Howz dat?

Brooklyn Bennie

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You should take something for that fever Stephen! :whistle:


Kevin, good question. This was LSP_Dan's project and he was not able to spend much time here at LSP until just recently.


Will advise....



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  2. Dornier DO-17 "Flying Pencil"
  3. Tamiya Battle of Britain Spitfire Mk. I
  4. Japanese "Betty"
  5. CORRECT P-39 Aircobra
  6. Polikarpov I-16 with a REAL engine in it
  7. Doolittle Raid B-25

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OK, what can it hurt,


WWI - Fokker D.VII (supposedly coming,... eventually,... and perhaps even in my lifetime), and a new Dr.I (preferably also from WNW)




WWII RAF / FAA - Spitfire Mk I or II, HAWKER TYPHOON (car door or bubble top), Westland Whirlwind (plane, not helicopter)


WWII Germany - Hs 129, Me 410


WWII Russia - Yak 1,3,7,9, La 5 or 7, Pe 2


Post-WWII USAF / USN - FJ-4B, F-102A, F9F Panther


Post-WWII Russia - Mig 21 SMT, Mig 25


Post-WWII Canada / Europe - Saab Viggen, Mirage 2000,


(I'm sure there are more, but this is all I can think of at the moment.)

Edited by Typhoonattack1

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