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Look what I got for free

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Hi The consigment job I did Tamiya F16 in the progress section that guy was so happy he gave me this model from fisher for free.

He tried some technieks on it and well long story short got bored with it.

It is dammage the Oil cooler intake this is dammage from the heater and the left alivator a bit bend.


I hope I can get it back in shape when I am done with the Bf110 I will start this build.

Sanding polishing job lol.



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Yeah that is a $225.00 kit you got.... I am just finishing mine and it is worth every penny.


I wonder what the guy was trying to do with the bare metal finish. Maybe trying to duplicate "Precious Metal", another Griffon engined P-51 racer...?

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Hi cleaned it up and some hot water I think 80 Celsius from the tap.

Keeping only the air intake bottom half in it slowly it came back now I will put some filler on top and carefully sand the inside of it.

The alleviator flaps are straight now and the top intake was a bit bend got that back as well.

Want to scan the decals and spray them on will get very difficult AL these graceful letters.




Now first finish the BF110 Have fun

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Lol Peter don't talk about memory yesterday needed a checkup in the hospital I did find the elevator after that I needed to walk back and ask it again to busy looking at the building it self great building only on some detail they did a crappy job lol.


Now I filled some holes made the wing root smooth painted it black so easy to detect problem areas the flaps I filled the seam and then use my knife retracing the seam it in the wet putty you get a sharp seam and after sanding the top the excess off the seam looks better then doing this when its hard.

I there any one that have a link to a site to the real monster.









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Hi I did run in the same problem Barry experienced with base coat that stayed soft I used a Black aerosol.

So of to the paint shop on Friday to get me some Plastic primer and after washing it of whit heavy duty Thinner I started all over lol.


I sprayed a thin layer on it and to day I sanded it with waterproof sanding paper needed to fill the wing roots again one of the difficult job I think on every model.


Need to do a lot of work on the back outlet of the cooler the inner floor was to deep so needed to pull it out and then glue apply glue let it dry Will I push it a Little back in to the hole it was like a spring so after 4 times it finally stayed in place so now it sit nice and flush with the outer body.


Maybe tonight I Will ad some color (for the white parts light Grey)next base coat to get a more even color so no dark shades shining trough the final color.


Have fun Johan





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Thx Harvey I am doing my best.

Yesterday evening I sprayed the in Grey primer a mix of white primer with 3 drops black I ad some clear lacker to dilute it and keep its property so it's end up being water and pigment lol.

this will make sanding a bit harder still with water proof sandpaper it is not that hard and I only need to remove little dust particles.

I will let it rest for 2 day's so the paint is really hard and I need to buy a new drill for the the fasteners they are I believe 0,40 mm and I cant find that drill no surprise still did work with that drill for 3 years oh getting all emotional now :mental:


Have fun johan



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Hi I have doen the wings now first layer yesterday and today the second only a very light sanding to remove dust. 50/50 white paint and blank lacker.


It is very difficult to make good sharp photo's of a white object

I did rescripe panel lines and rivet's on the wing roots.


Maybe tonight I paint the pit and do the red right after that the base coat is great no problem from one little spot I think sticky vingers was that yes eating a cookie and decreasing the model don't go together that wel.


I wil post beter photo's later. :closedeyes:


Have fun Johan


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Thx Mike I have a lot work on it to get it the back in shape.


Today I made the tail landing gear little axel did not find it so made it from hard peace wire very stiff so little hard to bend even break one time lol.

I glued wood in to the holes will drill it later out and glue the steel wire in it hope it work lol.

And sprayed Red for some lighter spot I firts use brown to darken the spots the paint is vallejo Ferrari Red.



Have fun Johan.





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Hi Ron yes did drilled out the landing gear holes so it's on it's feet need to straight it out a bit butthat's for later.

Got some tiny spots that were the red came under the tape the spinner is loose to so it hangs a bit. just to get a impresion of it all.

Now I let it rest for 3 day's so it get it first shiny coat.















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