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Mr Creosote

Fisher Cutlass

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This is an insanely cool kit. As for shipping , my Crusader conversion was shipped relatively quickly. The Cutlass seems to be well slower to ship. And no doubt understandably so.

There is one NMF option in the box,its A/C #23 from VX-4 "The Evaluators". Very striking.

Save your green and get one of these,I doubt you'd be disappointed.





That looks like an insanely cool kit. i can attest to the quick shipping from Fisher. I ordered the Hunter conversion on Monday, and had it in my hands on Friday. I know I don't live far away, but you can't argue with shipping that quickly.




Man, if only I had the money, I think I'd jump all over this one. That natural metal Cutlass just looks so cool....!!!! :speak_cool:




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This kit is surely a part of my internal dept. I am saving pennies since it has been announced.



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