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New Mustang EagleCals

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Well, as the guy working very closely with Jerry on these schemes, I can tell you that a Tuskegee scheme is going to be one of the subject aircraft. I am sure that as soon as the final artwork is proofed it will be posted.


At this time, 12 aircraft are in the planning phases for this batch of decals. Probably in all three popular scales too.


Who knows, given the popularity of the P-51, and the long awaited appearance of a new tool kit, others may be considered in the future.


Mark Proulx

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Oh, by the way we are working with some original un-published photos Jerry has of Big Beautifull Doll (Jerry knew Landers when he was still with us). I believe that we have a very good idea as to how the correct markings appeared on this Mustang.


The same holds true for Petie 2nd. We have some great material directly from Sam Sox Jr. the 352nd FG historian. Much of our data comes from Sam and Meyers' crew chief.


It is still a little early to talk about the other schemes (profiles still being produced), but needless to say we have a very good cross-section of represetative schemes. I am certain the Mustang enthusiasts will be pleased!


Mark Proulx

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I suppose three of those four had to be done, and with new research on the correct markings that's great. Nice to see something new though with "Thunderbird" in 1/32...that scheme is different and striking.


Some I'd like to see:

Lt.Col. Clark's "Happy IV/Dotty" (339th), "Yakima Chief" (479th), "Down for Double" (355th), Kinnard's later 355th "Man O'War" aircraft, "Jersey Jerk" late markings(356th) ...


Will any other air forces be considered?

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Great..One question..


Is these sheet intended to be used on Dragon kit?. I ask becose of Big Beautiful Dol markings




no, they are "intended" for the upcoming Tamiya kit


i am sure they could be used on other companies' P-51s though if that is what you have in your stash

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