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Welcome to the Eagle Editions forum!

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YAY! Welcome to LSP EE!


Nice to have you. There are some really terrific parts you offer, and as a matter of fact still need to order a 109 boss and super charger. Coming as soon as I can scrounge some extra cash. Thanks again for producing some cool products.




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Just to be sure, Eagle Editions has been a long-time sponsor of LSP, and Jerry is a current member. Hopefully he'll be along soon to bless this new forum with some news.




Yep yep, once again just putting the Ol "official" welcome matte out! :D Guess I should be more concise with these and say "Welcome to your new Forums!" .



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Welcome indeed! Good stuff and excellent service.


Thanks Gang!

Right now we are working four new sheets for the P-51 Mustang. Really some very cool and colorful markings all based on some newly discovered photos revealing more exciting details for the 'horse'.


We are also on Facebook as well. We try to keep updates and posting there too.


Currently being re-stocked from our resin casters so if there is a resin kit you 'missed' or need, let us know. Our order form has been updated on our site and we still have a shopping cart as well.


Or call our toll free number and let us know what you need.


Happy Modeling,

Judy, Jerry and the crew at Eagle Editions...

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Judy, Jerry (and gang),


Nice to see that you have your own dedicated forum at last! I am very happy with anything that you produce, mainly because of the provenance that comes with it...Keep up the good work.





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welcome guys, great to to have you here


P-51 decals...

i know they aren't all that fashionable or indeed well known, but some schemes from the 363rd FG would be really nice, and from your perspective, they had some colourful schemes too, both with and without invasion stripes

if you would like specifics, please send me a PM or email


resin request...

i know you must be inundated with requests for this and that, but i would love to see correct Bf109 E propeller blades and spinner - none of the kits' offerings are really spot on, and no-one out there currently makes them as an aftermarket upgrade

would be a good seller methinks...


all the best



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I do hope that the P51D sheets will have some nice ladies included on the artwork. :rolleyes:

These will look nice with my similar T/bolt markings alongside them at sometime.

I'm sure they'll look great regardless!!


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