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Gloster Gladiator Mk I Silver Wings 32-008

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Hello Everybody.

I received my kit's today (Thank you Doug) and I was really excited to open the well packed box from Silver Wings, as this will be my first resin kit!.

I didn't make a KR as other members here on LSP already did.

At the look of the content, I decide (with the help of myself :BANGHEAD2: ) that I had to start it immediately.....

Who says one more? :ph34r:

I took the engine block and had too change somme stuff.

On the picture you see black pencil lines, those are for the later job.



I then removed the bolts in the middle of the block



Put new bolts made with an hexagonal Punch and Die:



I then removed and replaced the front bolts:



I then replace the wire with monofilament HO wire and remade two small rundels (onthe support?)

Here two pictures of the (for the moment...) finished job:





That's all for the moment.

A little start....

Thank you for looking.

Comments, critics always welcomme!



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That´s a nice start you got,I´m worried over how the eningine will fit into the covers, have you tested that?I will try to assamble the engines bigger part without glue and testfit the covers so there´s no surprices comming up when the times for the glue comes.



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Hello Everybody.

Thank you Frank, Ron and Larsa for your nice comments.

For Larsa:

I'm worried too. I didnt tes fit the engine, and think it will be OK. But......I don't know in your kit, but in mine, the two parts of the cover are not too round. Diameter of the two parts are not the same... I think it will go, but that worries me.

Wait and see......


I had a little time to spend on this build this evening and here are the results and a little UP!


So those are the cylinders heads, the exhaust parts en what I think are the Pushrods.

There are 9 cylinders in all:



Looking from closer there is flash on the cylinders;



I began to clean them and tryed (not perfect but it's OK for me) to have them look better. Those are the tools I used for it.



A picture with three heads already cleaned and put in place:



Work began.

You can see the amount of resin that has to be cleaned (not so much anyway, but....)


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I started removing the flash where the part goes on the block:



I removed the "sparkplugs" and drilled a 0,3mm hole instead as I will put wires:



I also removed the two "tubes" on the front of the cylinder that normally go (at lest I think..) at the ring oil or air cooler (not included in the kit) in the front of the engine cover.

Will be replaced later....



Everything was then cleaned as best as I could ( wings of cylinders, etc) and this is one finished....(8 more to go :BANGHEAD2: )



When all 9 cylinders are finished they are glued in place and I must admit that the fit and the look is not bad:





So that's it for tonight.


I have a question for the Mercury IX engine. The instruction says the block semi mat black (what I agree), but they say the cylinders should be Flat black.....Shouldn't they be Metallic (I meen silver)??

Thank you for your answers.

Comments and critics always welcomme!



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Nice way to start up the build.I´ll start up my build with the interior so all others have something to watch, and I will watch your work on the engine closley.



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Hello Everybody.

Thank you Mark, Kev, Ron (Special Thanks for the pictures),Anders en Larsa for your nice comments.

I had a litlle time this evening, so I decided a would made a little UP!

First of all, I put the pushrods on the engine.

For those building this kit, I will say be carefull when removing the rods from theyr tree.

Anyway they are to short (somme) so I had to made a roundel in plasticard (you see them as it's white plasticard)



As my kit has missing engine pieces (already asked Wotjek, and he will send them, very good service!), I had a little work on the cover. It comme in 2 pieces:



Be carefull when assembling because the 2 parts have not the same radius:



When assembled you can see that it isn't quite round.....



I removed 0,5mm each side to make it fit.

There is also somme flash where the 2 parts go togheter and where you later, have to put somme photoetch..



After sanding everything smooth ( inside) I removed the pins (that goes in the fronf part of the cover and replaced them with 1,2mm rod:


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Before sanding the exterior smooth and because of the mold lines, I made a pattern using somme Tamiya tape, so I can make

nieuw parts in plasticard:

I place the tape, pushing the tape on the border with a toothpick



Then with a pencil a go along the edge. After I remove the tape and I have my "master":



I now can sand everything smooth:



I made a little dryfit of the engine inside his cover and with the fron ring.

Everything fits......OUF!



I also started on the engine exhaust, painting them mat black, before making them "Rusty", but that's for another day.



Thank you for looking.

Comments and critics always welcomme.



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