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Hello everybody, I just started this project a week ago. After seeing everyone's phantastic builds going....I thought that I'd jump in too! :D

I really don't get alot of time to build.....considering ALL of the other things that require my attendtion. But I'll give it my best shot at getting this 'monster' done by the end of the year! LOL! :P


I plan on building a CAG bird from Da Nang Vietnam era! S/N 66-8775


1) 1/32 Tamiya F-4 C/D kit.

2) 'Black Box' F-4D resin cockpit.

3) Eduard Brassin USAF early resin exhaust nozzles. (After seeing Barry's excellent review)

4) Eagle Strike V.N. Warriors F-4D decals.

5) Eduard Brassin resin wheel set.

6) Eduard Photoetch (interior and exterior)

7) Harold's Mk.5 resin 'bang seats'

8) Rhino modelworks seamless intakes.


ALL I've been able to get done so far is, remove the pour stubs from the resin cockpit........and exhaust nozzles! Whew! :o

Not to mention removing those pesky raised panels on the 'Phantom!! Still haven't got ALL those done yet! :BANGHEAD2:




I'll post more when I get further along in this build! Thanks for stopping bye!!

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Well I made some 'small' progress today! :P I actually got those nasty 'raised panels' smoothed out. And I did manage to get one of the kit intakes removed without any complications!! I was afraid of the 'Navy' fuel probe door panel causing me some grief! (A weak spot!)




Also started to make room for the resin cockpit.....






Thanks again for dropping bye!!

More as soon as possible!!

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