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Fisher Models wants to hear from you!

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Fisher models wants to hear your ideas on what you would like to see made into kit form. This doesn't mean we are going to jump right on it, it has to be marketable after all, but we are interested to see what you'd like. Also please don't limit your thoughts to big aircraft, if you like other scales of aircraft, cars, or even real spacecraft and accessories let us know right here! We'd love to hear from you!

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Thank you for the chance to voice our ideas, Brian! Since you've already done a racing Mustang, how about another, the Learstang? Either the original or Miss Ashley II (maybe the most beautiful piston-engined aeroplane ever, made more poignant by its tragic end). Keeping in the big bore racer mode, any of Rare Bear's various incarnations would also be brilliant. To be honest, any of the modified big bore racers would be nice.




Jason A/K/A Learstang

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Actually, I'd like to see the "Mystery British twin" that has been promised for years now.....


Well, I guess now's a good time for the guys to come clean, but my understanding was that it was destined to be a Meteor, but was shelved when Wingscale announced theirs. Since that circumstance has now changed, maybe there's still room for a Fisher Meteor?



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Since you did a nice Mirage cockpit set, how about a Mirage III to go along with it. Except for the ancient Revell kit, The whole Mirage series of jets have been ignored in 1/32. Lots of variants could be made off a base kit.



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