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What Kit Would Be On Your Wish List?

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.....SAAAAAAB.......GRIPEN, VIGGEN, DRAKEN............just bring 'em on!!!!





We've been pretty spoiled, and there's a lot yet to come. Many of the aircraft I've wanted have been announced for release sometime this year or next... Firefly V, PZL P.11C, and Tempest V. Soviet subjects have been ignored though, Yak 1, 3, 9 for instance.



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Since HK is doing well with interest and aftermarket companies are stepping up. Another medium bomber the Martin B-26B Marauder (I think Flak Bait with over 200 combat missions alone is reason enough) and would look great next to the North American B-25

Even the early 65ft wingspan as opposed to the 71 ft would be fine. It was the fastest and had the cleanest lines. I woudnt care for the last version with the 3.5 degree wing incidence change as it really spoils the lines of the plane as well as being the slowest model.


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How about a MC-12W Liberty that is being used now by USAF. I believe its based on Beechcraft King Air and will be a cool addition to 1/32 and not way to large that will cost a ton.




Edit note: here is a similar aircraft (different avionics I'm sure) with US Army...



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Rereading our posts on this thread is very interesting, especially as we see so many of our wishes granted.


What do I want now?


I wish HK models to see success and release the rest of the planes we saw on the first list: B-26, B-17 (of several varieties),

Lockheed twins (Lodestar and Hudson civilians are my favorites, but I would likely need to modify the kits the rest of you are after), and maybe add to them some more WWII big bombers.


I wish to see more Hobittses so that we can continue to benefit from Sir Peter's obsession with WWI goodies and get the promised Salmson and the rumored Breguet and all of those 40 to 50 other likely suspects (please let us have more two seaters and Austro-Hungarian fighters). I wish they would expand a bit earlier and also do those magnificent planes from "Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines", but not lose the WWI direction.


I wish Silverwings to see enormous success and keep their list of plans turning into reality. I really hope they didn't derail the P-6E by mistake, and want it to come out also.


I wish Mike at Lone Star to see success and sell lots of other 30's conversion kits, especially the Curtiss Navy Hawk conversion kits from the BF2C Hasegawa kit, or the Mystery Ship and Jenny (with lots of barnstormer decals he announced).


I want that OV-10 in Cal Fire markings made by Mikkel, and wish him the best of success.


I hope Derek is successful in his endeavors and gives us his rumored Komet carrier and a Saab 105 and J21.


I hope Paul Fisher and team continue their efforts and give us even more air racers.


And I hope that Eli Raphael continues his streak of creating incredible colors in decals for us to use on all of these models.


I really like the Polikarpov I-15 and hope the 153 gets a little brother.

I'd add my vote for an SM79 and that Grumman Skyrocket (in Blackhawks colors).

I would really like those Saabs; any and all of them. Bring on the Viggen two seater, recon, JA and AJ versions and Drakens in a multitude of national colors.


The most interesting thing with all of this is that our wishes are coming true. You have to thank the creative energy of so many people on this site for the explosion of very fine kits in our scale. I hope I can live long enough to build a fraction of them, or get it into gear and increase my output rate.



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I have only one REAL DREAM left open: F-102, the rest is just gladly welcomed


But of course there are favourites mentioned by others like F-111, Voodoo, British Phantom and others but after B-17 becomes reality now, the only wish I bring the sacrifices to the plastic gods for is the Dagger.




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Seeing that my modeling will be extremely limited, I'd love to see an SB2C-3/5, new F4U-1,1A,1D, and F6F-3/5/5N same quality and accuracy as the Trumpeter TBM-3. So if Hasegawa will new tool the Hellcat as well as the others or Tamiya does any or all 3, I'll be happy.

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