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Silver Wings Group Purchase!!!

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I received the Hawker Hart that I ordered on Monday and have just now had a chance to examine the kit. Quite remarkable! I am most pleased. It is every bit as good as the Sea Gladiator kit that I ordered earlier. I am thinking of moving the Hart up in my build schedule. Thanks Doug for putting this together and shipping so quickly... and thanks to Silver Wings for producing such a splendid kit. I can't wait to see what they come out with next!

Bill M.

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Yes, the Hart is particularily nice! I took about 2 minutes and stuck the main bits together without glue, and one can see how terrific the fit is, even better than plastic (quick cell phone pic):




Again, no glue, and everything fits tight with just the locating pegs (for those that do not have this kit, the upper wing is in 3 parts). The upper wing is just resting in the fuselage at this point, as I wanted to see how big this thing will be once completed!





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Hey Doug,


My Gladiator II and CR.32 arrived today in So-California. Everything arrived in excellent shape. Any ideas for the next group purchase? Ha!

Thanks again for all the trouble & extra effort you went through for us mortal LPS'ers.


Best regards,



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