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1/32 Gloster Gladiator MkI MkII and Hawker Hart

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Silver Wings would like to thank you, our Customers, for making our kits, such as our 1/32 Heinkel He51, Fiat CR.32, Gloster Sea Gladiator or 1/72 Supermarine Southampton Mk I a success. We are grateful that modelers have recognized our dedication to bringing you highly detailed, quality kits made with the modeler in mind. It is therefore with great pleasure that we can now tell you that we will soon be releasing not one, but TWO new 1/32 scale kits!


These new kits are a Gloster Gladiator Mk I / Mk II and a Hawker Hart.


The Hart was the first multi-role aircraft and one of the most versatile aircraft of its day. Produced initially as a bomber, it was also developed into a fighter, trainer, Army cooperation and target tug aircraft. Our new kit, the first ever Hart produced in 1/32, will include the following markings:

- 601 (City of London) Squadron, Auxiliary Air Force, Hendon, 1934

- 11 Squadron, Risalpur, India, 1937


The Gladiator is one of the best known biplane fighters in the world. While outclassed by the newer monoplane aircraft at the start of WW2, the Gladiator remained in front line service until 1941. The Gladiator served admirably in the Norwegian campaign, in the Mediterranean and with the Finnish Air Force and others. This new kit will include the following markings:

- 247 Squadron (the only RAF squadron to participate in the Battle of Britain), 1940

- 1/LeLv 16, Finnish Air Force, 1942

- 72 Squadron, Church Fenton, 1937


We are also pleased to announce that we have partnered with a leading decal manufacturer, Pheon Models, to produce several additional decal options for these kits. More information from Pheon Models soon.


Kits available in sales in March 2011.


We would also like to offer you two limited time offers for the new kits:

1) order two or more kits and we ship them for free

2) first 100 orders for the one new kit – we cover a half of the shipping.


Additional information about these exciting new kits will be coming soon!



Wojtek Kulakowski

Silver Wings













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This is wonderful news! The Hart is unexpected and will make a lot of people happy! So many options for markings.


Great to see your great work is being recognized too.


Sorry to distract from this thread, but would you ever consider the PZL P.11c in 1/32? I doubt that we will ever see Mirage Hobby do one, and they wouldn't do it to your standard.




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....................... Hope the next one's a 1/32 Walrus!







Id buy a 1/32 Walrus in a HEARTBEAT. I have a weird fascination with float-planes and the Walrus is just a cool/weird/interesting pusher subject that would look stellar in 32nd.




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If nothing else, it is about time that the Brits get some of their biplanes in 1/32 kit form. After all, Monogram, Hasaegawa and Williams Bros gave us quite a few US bipes back 40 years ago. Good on these new manufacturers for giving us some more old two wingers.


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