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Tamiya F-4E. Easy Rockin Mama.

Guest Nigelr32

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Guest Nigelr32

Here's another update.


Next comes a coat of grey for the seals, then a fresh set of masks.






Here you'll notice the extra cabling in the rear cockpit facia panel, and a pretty good shot of the splitter details.




Thanks for stopping by.

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Guest Nigelr32

here she is all painted up.


Basically, I've used Gunze 303, 309, 310 and 311 to achieve the SEA camo pattern.






It's been applied with an Iwata revolution BR airbrush. This is a tiny airbrush, but I felt it would be handy for the hand applied camo?.


I first pre-shaded and then post shaded by adding a drop of white and 50% thinner to each colour, and going around, colouring in each panel, staying away from the edges. Then, a further white drop was added, and fogged in the centre of each panel.


The lighting has accentuated the shading on the dark green, but it shows you the effect.

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I've also been plodding away with the nose, which takes a lot of work to get right, due to the fact it's clear.


I agree the nose looked fantastic.


I'm quite happy with my scratch built vents, but even more happy with the eduard vents in the gun shroud..


It was definitely worth the effort of reomving the plastic underneath even if it made them harder to fit. They look fantastic and the gun system might be nicely visible through the vents


Why does my painting always look awful on the PC screen??? It looks OK in the flesh???

This is my first ever resin 'pit, and can thoroughly recommend it to anyone. It's a bit more work, but my lord, it's worth it!!


You're not the only one thinking that. Some of the guys here on LSP do some mind blowing work. No matter how hard I try I can't get it to look how I want it. I used a resin pit for the first time on my F5E and your reaction reminded me of my own. Some of these resin pits are amazingly detailed. I love looking at all the little parts.


I've polished the rams and masked them before giving it a quick coat of etch primer. The seams require a little work still.

You'll also notice I've opened up the solid lump at the top of the leg, both the metal and plastic parts. I think this makes it look a whole lot better!!


You did a great job of smoothing up the landing gear. The polished Ram looked like chrome and it definitely looked heaps better with the removal of the centre section in that solid lump area. The whole thing is looking awesome.


Well, you really are gonna think I've gone mad!!!

I think mine are a little better???


Wow man. Thats a really clever idea of using the spares in the first place but how it turned out...incredible. I think your ones look amazingly good. I had a flashback to Chris the Ripper.



Thanks for the all the tips on the resin bits n pieces, daisycutters, BDR areas. Its very helpful and also to see another fuselage beside as a comparison. The modifications to the tail area just show how much attention to detail you're giving the kit and how you go about solving its issues. I thought your pipework in the landing gear bays looked great once a coat of primer went on. Wow...the details just came together.


Really enjoying your build...


Thanks Matty

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Guest Nigelr32

Well, after many hours working with decals, here's the result.


There are around 200 decals on this model!!!!






The shiny finish is Alclad gloss coat, It's brilliant stuff!!


In the foreground is the chassis of the new Hobby Boss Land Rover Defender XD.


I've just ordered a new Land Rover 90, so couldn't resist this kit.


Thanks for looking.

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Guest Nigelr32

Here she is, wearing a coat of Matt varnish.






She's had a coat of pro-Modellers wash, and will now dry overnight, ready for the tail section to be painted, along with the nose.


And here's a weapons pylon, dry fitted together.




Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for your comments. I enjoy reading them.

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Guest Nigelr32

Hi all,


Just to answer a couple of questions.....


I didn't much like the Isra Decals. They seemed to be a little lacking on the "glue" front, even with Micro set an Micro sol. Having said that they are very thin.


I used Zotz decals for the Easy Rockin Mama scheme. The pin up girl is not very well defined, but I guess with todays legislation, they have to be a little careful?? They seemed a little thick on first impression, but settled very well with micro set/sol.


If I were to build another F-4E tomorrow, I'd probably give the stencils a miss, but would use Zotz again without question....

Edited by Nigelr32
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Guest Nigelr32

Hi all,


Some of you may remember i bought an Aires F-4J cockpit for the seats, as the Black Box 'pit has navy seats, and the Aires set has Air Force seats???


Here's the seats in primer. I must admit the Aires stuff is faultless!!




These are the superb Eduard resin wheels, again in primer. I've used Mr resin primer and surfacer. It's brilliant stuff!!




And here's a pretty little picture...




The ladder is from the Revell F-4F, with the rungs replaced with rod. This is much nicer than the Tamiya kit item.


We're almost there!!!

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Guest Nigelr32

I thought I'd post a "Different" shot today. this is my currently crowded bench




Everything has had a coat of Flat varnish, so tomorrow it'll all come together.

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