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Tamiya F-4E. Easy Rockin Mama.

Guest Nigelr32

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Guest Nigelr32

I've finally got the intakes painted and fitted. Here they are, showing off their rescribed seams and updated intake ramps.






Filling the seam between the ramp and fuselage is difficult!! Looking at this pic, I see it needs a bit of a clean up still.




Thanks for looking.

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Guest Nigelr32

If you remember, I had some concerns around the fit of the exhaust nozzles on this kit.


The shape of the fuselage above the nozzles is wrong, and the vents are too long. Well, that was sorted, but there was still a massive gap around the bottom of the nozzles.


Here's an easy little mod that anyone can have a bash at.




So, there is a cut required, after the lower wing section is attached to the fuselage.




The cut needs to be exactly in this spot, as the rail for the sparrow must be kept straight. If you cut above it, you'll bend it up, and if you cut inboard, you'll pull it inwards. that's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it!!!


Here's the result after a little sanding. Now all the lost rivet and panel line detail needs to be sorted.



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Guest Nigelr32

Hi all!!


Well, here she is, as of today, Feb 21st.




I've had to adjust the wing tips according to my nautilus jig. here's the plastic strip glued in place to wedge the wingtip down to the correct angle.




For those of you that don't have the nautilu jig, I can confirm that both the Revell and Tamiya kits require a max 0.030" (0.75mm) shim at the centre of the wing cord at the top surface.


I'll let this all dry up now, then rescribe the detail to look as though the wing actually Hinges at this point. That's gonna be tough!!


If any of the moderators aren't happy with what I've done here, doing a catch up, feel free to move this thread to "Works in progress.


I just wanted to join in on the fun, and hadn't noticed the F-4 GB on here!!

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Guest Nigelr32

Thanks for all your kind words guys!! You're too kind!!


Here's the end of one wing all sanded down.




And here's the other side with the wing tip placed in position on the Nautilus jig. Hopefully I won't need any filler here, to keep a nice sharp intersection between the two wing sections??




I guess I'll be glueing them on later??

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Guest Nigelr32

Well, here she is, nearly finished now!!




Here's the nose section close up. This is where the extra work in the early stages of the build really pays off.




Next we have the tail section. This is not a very good fit in the kit, so I did a little extra work in this area. Basically I removed the raised area in the kit, which is supposed to represent the horizontal section of the "L" beam fitted each side of the tail. I've replaced the moulding with some 1mm x 0.25mm plastic strip.




Thanks for looking. I'll be spending hours sorting the seams at the outer wing joints now....

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Very nice work Nigel. :speak_cool:


The effort on the wingfold looks good. :goodjob:

I'm not quite there yet on my build; still work on the flaps but will follow your lead on setting the outboard wing panel at the proper angle.



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Guest Nigelr32

Now we're really getting there.




The underside is preshaded, then I painted it with 50/50 thinned Gunze 311. FS 36622. After about half an hour I added a drop of white, and picked out the panels with this lightened mix.


After she's had some Pro modeller wash, shes gonna look really worn!!

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Guest Nigelr32

Here's another little update for today, the weapons pylons.




Note the brass rod fitted, to replicate the anti-sway bolts on each pylon. the centre pylon is shown with the standard kit parts below it.


And here's the centre pylon, dry fitted.



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