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Tamiya F-4E. Easy Rockin Mama.

Guest Nigelr32

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Guest Nigelr32

Hi all!!





This is obviously the nose section, showing the assembled nose and seperate gun cover. You can see the Eduard brass grill replacements, which are difficult to fit, especially if you do what I did, and cut away the plastic beneath in order to give the thin appearance to the grills.


I've decided to fit the gun to the nose, and possibly have the gun cover removeable?? It clips on and off beautifully.




This is where I am with the weapons. I need to paint the daisy cutters and fuzes, then add the wires through the added tubes. The drop tanks are primed to check the join line. All looks good so far...



I've also started on removing the BDR panels. Here's the intakes, with three panels removed from each, then rescribed and riveted.



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Guest Nigelr32



Here's an update on the BDR panel removal program on this Tamiya F-4E. It has taken literally hours to do all this, but I feel the results are worth it.




Every rivet on the upper fuse has been redone, and almost every line rescribed, along with some new lines.


In the next pic you can see the panel removal around the starboard tail area. Most of the rivets here have been filled, as they are not in the right place to line up with the new lines.




And more on the port side...




And finally, a view of the top from the port side.




I have placed the fuse next to a virgin F-4J fuse, just to show what has gone on here. next, she'll get a scrub in the bath, then a very light coat of primer, so I can see where I need to do some patching up.


I really don't want to do this again...but ..oh no!! What about the F-4J??? I think I'll build my Tamiya F-15E and Trumpy SU-25 first!! I don't think I could build another Phantom!!!.....yet.


Thanks for looking by.

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Guest Nigelr32

Hi all..


Having looked at a load of pics for reference on the BDR panels, I decided there was something wrong with the grilles above the exhausts. This pic shows it well, as taken by deadmeat in the reference section of the F-4 SIG.




You can then see in this pic that theres more than just the grille that requires attention...




See how the shape of the rear end is all wrong around the top of the exhaust, and the angle below the grille is too steep..




The exhaust here is the Aires one..Beautiful!!!!




So, I've scraped, sanded and scribed the rear end panel to better match the form of the real thing. The Tamiya kit seems to "wrap" around the exhaust too much at the top.


Here's a before and after




In this final pic, you'll notice the difference in the form, the angle of the part below the grille, (Roughed out only at present), and the shortened grille, which is also now a real grille, i.e, see through.




There's a lot more work to do in this area yet, with plastic card, filler, scribing, rivetting...... it just goes on and on!!!


In fact, when I look at this again, I think I need to remove even more from the rear panel, to tighten up the radius of the titanium panels above the exhausts??

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Guest Nigelr32



This is the rear end after much work with the sriber and Mr surfacer. If you want to achieve the stepped look, as I have, where the titanium panels meet the painted fuselage, you'll need to remove some material from the fuselage inner walls, to allow the bottom section to come out more.


I've also been plodding away with the nose, which takes a lot of work to get right, due to the fact it's clear.




I'm quite happy with my scratch built vents, but even more happy with the eduard vents in the gun shroud..




Thanks Eduard!!!


I've also been playing with the Cockpit, which is a major painting exercise in itself!!!


Here's the parts at their current level, with much work to go yet.




And a close up of the yet to be finished IP's..






Why does my painting always look awful on the PC screen??? It looks OK in the flesh???


This is my first ever resin 'pit, and can thoroughly recommend it to anyone. It's a bit more work, but my lord, it's worth it!!


Well, thanks for stopping by. I'll carry on with the 'pit.

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Guest Nigelr32

Here's the 'pit, all finished up except for a light drybrushing session.








I seem to be having some trouble with my lighting tonight, as far as pics go, but I think you can get an idea of what I've done??

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Guest Nigelr32

Here's the nose bay pretty much complete I think??




The loose wire at the rear will be pulled down through the tubing, to become the cable that feeds the antenna on the door.


The copper and lead hydraulic lines on the gear strut are only placed loosely in place to represent how it's gonna look. I think I'll sand all the ribs off the strut, and replace them with tape... more realistic!!


Note also the plastic card bits, not too much required really??


Here's the other side.




Finally, if you don't want to fit the nose gear before major assembly, or you want to paint the bay without having to add the closing mechanism afterwards, you can...


Simply cut the "Lump" off the end of the strut, and drill and fit a pin. You can then glue the lump into the bay, and the closing gear on top of it.




Thanks for stopping by.

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Guest Nigelr32

I've polished the rams and masked them before giving it a quick coat of etch primer. The seams require a little work still.


You'll also notice I've opened up the solid lump at the top of the leg, both the metal and plastic parts. I think this makes it look a whole lot better!!




If anyone else is thinking of doing all this to their nose gear, remember, all the variants of F-4 are different in the nose gear well. The F-4J is totally different than all the USAF versions.

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Guest Nigelr32

Here's the nosegear all done, with cables and hoses added. Just needs paint and weathering now.

I know the straight pushrod shouldn't go through the swivel mechanism, but the cylinder it attaches to is in the wrong place. I didn't want to move it.



The tie down ring is made of 0.5mm copper wire, as the Eduard "ring" is solid?? All the hoses are 0.3mm lead and the rod is 0.64mm plastic rod.




So, now onto the amazing Aires exhausts. These are a must for this kit.



Here they are, all cleaned up with the plugs removed.





I measured the width of the fuselage, and then measued the nozzles, to find they needed packing out 1.5mm. I cut some 2mm x 29mm strips of 0.75mm card, and glued it between the spacer and the pipes on each side, therefore widening the whole lot 1.5mm. Here's the result..




I think it looks OK, but may need some attention on the bottom at 5 o'clock??


Thanks for stopping by.

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Guest Nigelr32

Here's the nozzles all painted up, with a gloss black basecoat, and acrylic silvers, blues and purples.




Here's the rest of todays work. A coat of paint on the daisy cutters and fuzes.



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Guest Nigelr32

Here are some pics of the plumbed and modified main undercarriage bay.


This is the left one.



Of note are the reshaped leg mountings. Still not strictly accurate, but much much closer to the original. Also see the longitudinal member that I've really chopped about to represent the I beam.






And here's a pic of the inside work.




Note that I've cut the inner wall of the bay away from the fuselage, in order to get a better, sealed look to the bay.

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Guest Nigelr32

Here's the painted gear bays. They still need detail painting, placards and weathering.








And now, the sills. You may remember I wanted to get a smooth join between the PE and the plastic. I think I'm there, even though it looks a bit rough in these pics. The camera never lies, but when it's this magnified!!!






I'm all ready to get the cockpit installed now, then the jet exhausts, then the wings. It's nearly finished!

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Guest Nigelr32

I just had to take a pic of this!!


The cockpit is actually glued in!!!! I can't believe I've actually got this far without giving up!!




And from the other side...



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Guest Nigelr32

I think I've actually gone mad now. I decided that the Tamiya detail in the aux air intakes just wasn't good enough, so it's had to go!!




The edging is replaced with plastic strip.


Because I've used the Aires exhausts, I have these Tamiya kit parts left over. They'll make perfect blanks for the engines, which is what you can see up in those holes. Of course i'll need to fit the centre rib and some stiffening ribs to make it all look real.





Also notice in this pic that I've left the sprue attached to the lower wing section. I feel this adds some strength to those thin rear extensions, (Fuel Dumps), whilst building.


Watch this space for more mad goings on!!!! Ha ha ha!!!!

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Guest Nigelr32

Well, you really are gonna think I've gone mad!!!


All this work, and it's gonna be really difficult to see.


This is one side of the interior wall that runs down the length of the fuselage..




This is the other side..




Here's the "engines"..Notice the cut out parts in the background. I think mine are a little better???




This is how it looks from underneath..






Finally, this is how it looks from the inside..




Now I need to get it all painted.....

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