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Icari Progene

Flight life

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Hi guys!

I'd like to show you some of my latest photos taken 10 days ago from my plane.

Yes i'm a general aviation pilot, my favourite hobby!

with 2 collegues of mine(both pilots, we are all Air Traffic Controllers) we started the engines of our planes and we took some shoots while airborne on sunset.

My plane is a Diamond DV-20 katana, my collegue's one is a 1948 Macchi MB-308 perfectly restored by himself last year.

Here are the photos! enjoy!











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oh yeah....know the feeling, guess we just might have the best of both worlds in our profession, ....tell them how to do it, and fly yourselves as well....(just kidding you professional pilots!!!)

I myself have to "do" with a rental, but you guys must have had great fun making these pictures, good show.




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