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75 Sqn RNZAF Mosquito Detailed Build

Anthony in NZ

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7 hours ago, chuck540z3 said:

Really, really great modeling Anthony!  I guess I missed this build because I'm not a big Mosquito fan, but I'll be sure to see this one to the end.  Model on!




Thanks Chuck, that means a lot from you with your skills. Really appreciate it



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  • 4 weeks later...

Ok the nose gun bay is pretty much finished.  

I re-did the screw attachments for the screws around the edge of the allu cap (these screw the cap to the wooden structure and frame inside the edge of the nose) as I felt they were too big the first time I did them, si I filled them with CA and redid them a better size and the correct number. In reality there are more flush head rivets....but lets be honest, they are barely seen looking even in real life so I decided not to add them all for fear it will start looking like it had once been used as a pin cushion.  Balance is the key me thinks.


All of Roberts gun bay is now in and I just have one or 2 tiny additions to add once Air freight is opened up to NZ again.  HGW are kindly sending me the numbers 1 & 4 which I messed up and I am waiting on suitable tiny chains to arrive to complete the suite.  But its pretty much finished until I can sort these items.

All the wiring for the lamp, terminal blocks and suppresser box were scratchbuilt and wired in G45 camera fitted along with ammo feed chutes etc. A couple of pneumatic lines for the firing solenoids need adding, but waiting for suitable chain until I pop these last couple in.  Wolf, notice the 2 wing heads are lock wired together. Looking at photo's though they were done on some airframes and not others...so take your pick.






Anyway, hope this is interesting to those interested in the Mosquito


Cheers Anthony

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37 minutes ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Superb, Anthony!



Thanks Kev, much appreciated!

35 minutes ago, seiran01 said:

Boy oh boy, that is looking mighty fine!

Thanks Mike, I will pop your shrink ray gun back to you in the mail this week...thanks for the loan!

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9 hours ago, CJP said:

Awesome modelling Anthony - you are setting a standard that I will never be able to attain

Thanks. Of course you can mate, it's nothing difficult....just time!


5 hours ago, chuck540z3 said:

Like a Swiss watch, love it!




Thanks Chuck!  Enjoying your Tempest cockpit detailing work at the moment too....beautiful!


2 hours ago, airscale said:


those quite literally look like real parts on a hangar floor..


brilliantly convincing!



Well Peter, that's very kind.....I wish I did have a real one sitting on my hangar floor LOL!


1 hour ago, Iain said:

Don't they just!



Thank you sir!


Thanks for all your feedback, means a great deal whilst I plan the next stage of the build.  Kits this scale (and up) seem to need a lot more planning and work to look convincing and not toy-like.  Seems like maybe I am on the right track... thanks chaps, I really have to think about the cockpit now really.


Cheers Anthony

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This is such a wonderful thread to follow! 


Earlier today, I read the entire post. I was so absorbed taking it in and enjoying the trip, I didn't hit the like or thank you buttons. I just went back through the entire thread and used the like button as I should have previously. Hopefully Anthony, I didn't annoy you with a cluster of repeating notification sounds! 


Looking forward to more. This is LSP at its best. Thanks for sharing your brilliant work here.



Edited by GDW
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