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75 Sqn RNZAF Mosquito Detailed Build

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14 minutes ago, KiwiZac said:

The stressed skins, and the rivets, are beautiful. It looks so good!

Thanks Zac!  How are your projects coming along?


4 minutes ago, williamj said:

All coming together beautifully....can't wait for our next "fix"   ;)

   Just marvelous.


Hey Bill, thanks mate.  I am struggling my way through the starboard nacelle.  Nothing had been done so I am struggling a wee bit.  Not with the job itself, but mentally as it feels like I am going back to the start LOL!  This one will have the engine side covers off.  However the engine is a job to think about later!


However thanks for the encouragement I really appreciate it, you really don't know how much.   However just dry fitting the 2 nacelles on looks great and is giving me mental stimulus to keep forging ahead.


Right-O back to the resin carb intake....






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2 hours ago, chuck540z3 said:

I can't believe I've never looked at this thread before.  I'm not a big Mosquito fan I guess, but your modeling is incredible!  Excellent, detailed work Anthony.  Love it all.




Thanks so much Chuck, that means a lot coming from you buddy!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Well, just so you all know I havent been totally idle, I have been busy working on the other engine nacelle.  Most of the stressed skinning, engraving and riveting etc has been done.  I have finished working on the tropical carb intake and now have it grafted to the lower cowl.  





Still a reasonable ammount to go, but getting there.  This other (stbd) side will have the engine side cowls off so I need to be more careful how I work with the firewall and lower cowl details.


Thanks for looking in


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18 hours ago, CJP said:

More great work from your modelling desk Anthony!


Thanks Chris, progress has slowed as I am back at work after annual leave, where I got to do a lot.

3 hours ago, williamj said:

Love the support detail in the bays...so finely in scale.:popcorn:

Thanks Bill

Those ribs were trickier than they look.  I brought the Eduard set so I didnt have to make more.  But because I re-oriented the upper u/c support to fix the stance of the model. The cut outs for the struts are all in slightly the wrong position and have to go back to plastic card to finish them off...:rolleyes:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Still slogging it out inside the nacelles.  Just working on the rear bulkheads and assoc framing





You can see some of the Eduard set being used here.  I will next add some Archer rivets to this rear bulkhead and sidewall doublers.


Thanks for looking in as always


Cheers Anthony

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