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Phantom reference photos

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My friend Mike Paredes standing next to a BDU-38 which was a practice version of the B61 nuke. Mike is exactly 6 feet tall:

















Edited by Scott R Wilson

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These photos are of the F-4C-18-MC that resides at the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum just outside Savannah, GA. on I-95.


Aft "Hot Section" and Exhaust Nozzle







Pitot Tube and Artificial Feel system probe.




An often over looked detail..notice the small drain in the panel just aft and above the wing leading edge. Drain is located on both sides of aircraft in same location.This aircraft was also used for Battle Damage Repair Traing and you can see.


Not sure this will even be noticed anymore (I myself was digging around for research) but wanted to inform you the "drain" is actually the air pressure tube for the engines Bellmouth ring. Right at the front lip of the J-79 engine is an air bypass ring which will move back and forth depending on the amount of air in the intake. This allows excess air to bypass into the bay. It was usually the lowest ranking guy on the crew that had to "Activate" it during testing by getting on the wing and blowing into the tube!

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Great reference pics Scott, I'm working on a Vietnam era F-4C from the time I was there, 67-69. I'm trying to find out if the C models had the navigation light on door 19 or there about as shown in your photo with you sitting next to it? My searches, including AF tech manuals, indicate they did, but I have been unable to locate any photos showing it on the F-4C and the model kit I am building does not look like it is included in the layout of the fuselage.

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