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Robin Olds Flamingo 01

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That would be awesome Barry, I have been looking everywhere and cannot find consistent views of the sides of the canopy sills with the lock/release linkage. I am going to start over with the work I have done. Robin deserves better.


I think we need a Phantom detail depot.

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What up, Matt!!


A sure fire "PHRESH PHANTOM" for sure to come outta' this, and that "Rockin Robin" figure. NIIIIICCCCCE!! I like the clipboard, but are you sure he ain't writting to Dr. Mufenhart on that clip board?





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Yo yo yo! Alfonso! The Colonel is NOT scribblin notes to Dr. Mufenhart.


Thanks for looking in Jamme. Start building that Phantom!!!


Ok, enough talk. Got a little bit done on the front cockpit sidewalls. The kit has nothing in these areas so it's up to me to fill it in. Just going with the basics here as it will be really hard to see under the sills.




Right side with the canopy actuator linkage and some other stuff.




Left side




Canopy release levers.




I still have some cleanup work to do on the front section. Well, maybe tomorrow. It's time for beer call, plus the hockey game is on soon.

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Looking good Matt. :goodjob:

Are you going to leave the structural frames exposed or cover them?

The interior structure and skin surfaces were covered with a thin insulating blanket.

You can see it in the photos you sent to me.


Seats will hit the USPS today sending Priority Mail.


Keep up the great work.



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Thanks for looking in guys! Phantoms are Phun.




That's THE man Kevin! I have not seen that photo before. Looks a little familiar! I am working on his helmet that will be sitting on the seat too. I will keep the photo ref offer in mind. There is so much to learn about this aircraft. I am a total newbie when it comes to the F-4.


Thank you so much on the seats Barry! It's a big help. As far as the insulation goes, I have seen the quilted blanket looking stuff but the phantom pics, like I sent you, seem to look like a sprayed on affair, especially on the ribs. I was thinking of diluting Mr. Disolved Putty and building up the ribs and sidewalls with a "lumpy" look. That is kind of why I was not as concerned about getting the sides so perfect with styrene. I an also going to smooth out a lot of the sharp edges with Mr. Surfacer 1000.


Hey Blackbetty, thanks for checking the build out. I have seen reference to that book and need to check it out.

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uh oh Matt.. you'd better un-post that last picture or you're gonna have to get the micro-chisel out and move Robin's K-bar from his hip to his harness! Historical accuracy is everything y'know! Just kidding! Looking awesome so far.. loving the scratch work in the cockpit. I got the black-box cockpit for the c-model here and after tinkerin' with it for a while, i think you've got the right idea with scratchin' it! Think the BB seats are probably wrong too.. so thanks for bringing that to my attention (now i've gotta drop more $$ on Harolds stuff!). looking forward to seeing more! :popcorn:



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Hey Jerry, you noticed that eh. I did too but no way am I gonna try to fix it now! I just am not that confident in my resin shaving abilities.


Thanks for the info Kevin. I have seen those books around but foolishly failed to snag them. I did order up the Modern Phantom Guide though, it looks great.


668 is a C model so that's what I am doing.


Here is a bit of progress, not much but I have been fiddling with the insulation and some other junk. Remember, macro is NOT your friend.






Kinda together for a look see




Rear need lots of work but I got some of the rear deck and bulkhead sorted out




Just for laughs. I though the Phantom was big. Take a look at the Thud/F-4 comparison. Crazy. Someday I will finish it.




More this weekend, I hope.

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