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Racing Veltro

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Aw man that is a seriously cool looking airplane. I absolutely love it.


Can you give us some insight into the white paint from the rattle can. I've had troubles with Tamiya rattle cans in the past with them spattering paint in blobs rather than a fine mist. The opacity of the white is pox and they take days to dry. Maybe its me?


Any help as I've got a few aerobatic planes that would love similar treatment to your Veltro.


Awesome build.


Cheers Matty

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Cheers Matt


The white paint was cheap spray enamel from a hardware store, i actually bought it to paint my bathroom doorhandles!


It goes on really thick so i wouldn't use it on a decent build, on the 21stC kit it did quite well in filling the deep panel lines and gave the dense glossy finish i wanted. If i was going to spray a decent kit with a rattlecan id probably use car paint which tends to go on very thin. Have you tried using white coloured primer under the Tamiya white spray paint?

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