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My first 1/32


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I agree kaiyudsai. The seat belts need some attention when i get ready to make the final placement. First I need to do the instrument panel, and so far I'm unhappy with my results. I'm going to give the Eduard SA color panel a try.




So until I place that order I have moved on to the Nose Section, getting it set for the electric motor. I'm using MDC spinner collars, adding them to the kit part. I drilled out the plastic locating pin so the resin collar will slide over. I will replace the pin so alignment of the blades shouldn't be an issue.






Here I have modified the kit spinner base to except a MK 108 gun barrel from Master Model Poland.


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A little rescribing on the front, under nose section. Did alot of research on the correct panel lines for a 109K4. I also discovered in my research that the tanks in the nose are incorrect for a 109K in the Hasagawa kit.


Here is a shot of the electric motor at home.



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I'm using dodgem37's drop tank build as a guide for my attempt. I was going to use MDCs resin replacement ,but decided to try my hand at working the kit piece into shape.


Here I have assembled the halves. I'm going to carefully replace the ribbing detail I sanded off. I used a small bit to add the attachment point detail.


I drilled a hole into the top of each attachment point and put platic rod into the tank. The MDC resin piece was then modified to take the kit piece.


In some photos the drop tanks have a drain plug and some do not. My thinking is that maybe when the tanks are new they do not have the drain plug fitting.

I wish i owned the circle, hex punch tool.I went about making the hex nut a little unorthodox.


A little heat


Some plastic


Finished. Drain plug nut.

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Not sure why but I'm unable to add new pictures by clicking on the image icon.


Can you describe what happens when you try mate? My first suggestion would be to clear your browser's cache, as I updated the forum software a couple of weeks back, and you might need a refresh if you haven't posted an image since then.



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Sorry I'm not sure what my browser cache is. But when I click the icon the screen greys a bit like it normally would for the pop up window to appear then stops.


You've just got some old cached site data in your browser that's clashing with the updated forum software, so we need to clear it out. Firstly, do a hard-refresh in your browser: while you're viewing your thread (not making or editing a post), hold down the shift key and click on the 'reload' or 'refresh' icon. (I'm assuming you're using IE here, though I can't remember what it looks like or where exactly it is in IE, but it's the button that reloads the page for you.)


If that doesn't work, we'll go to Plan B.



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