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My first 1/32


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Oxygen hose creation


Completed pilot figure...minus the hook up to the oxygen supply.


First attempt at preshading. I need to upgrade my compressor from my small but trusty Testors mini blue.


Almost there.... :D

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This is the part of the hobby I really enjoy. The research and the discussions on the subject is my favorite part. The books and pictures one pours over to find a detail that most people wouldn't even see. It's funny the amount of books I have purchased over the last few years since really getting into the hobby.


I painted the line next to the pilot yellow due to this picture I found in the JaPo book on the 109K4.

It appears that the line comes from a small fuel tank used for priming the engine during starting. Not 100% sure but that was my thinking...it would be nice to be able read the print in the rest of the book.

Again, thanks all for looking and commenting.



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  • 2 weeks later...


Finally, cockpit complete!


The tail was warped...so I cut it off to do some tweaking


The motor is on its mount that I made out of styrene. I also modified the kit piece to accept the new propeller rod.


Thanks for looking


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  • 9 months later...

I'm back to continue work on my 109K4. With the help of the forums I was able to go through and see where I left of and to get re-inspired with this project.


I glued the halves together and closed off the tail wheel doors.


There was a bad alignment issue at the base of the tail, but some putty and fine sanding should fix the problem.





I purchased a Loon Models tail. Since I'm running a light to the back I chose to modify the kit piece.


Now I need to figure out how to scribe the tail doors on.

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I completed the seams running down the spine and belly. Also finished scribing the tail-wheel doors(2 trys).

So now I'm working on the small compartment door behind the pilot.



From left to right is the kit piece, MDC, and a Eduard photo-etched piece. I like the MDC one.

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Super work Shawn, I do like piloted A/C and had a go at one waaay back before the Hasegawa kit. Figured it the best way to finish up the old Revell instead of tossing it.



Is that the spin action motor? I will be following this one so keep posting! Looking great.

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Thanks for the comments. The motor came with the Dynamic Scale Modeling sound board kit.


Ran into a slight issue...the MDC piece is a hair too small...soooo


I think I may just do a high breed mix of the kit and MDC pieces.

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Thanks Harv.

With my focus on the storage compartment I decided to recheck my reference material and found this


These are from the JaPo 109K and Scmolot mysliwski Messerschmitt Bf109K books. I also found on page 119 of the Bf109K-4 Flugzeug-Handbuch an image that clearly shows the compartment shape being more like the eduard photoetched piece.

My thinking is that maybe the other shapes were more for the G-10s and the "eduard" shape was the factory built K-4s


Just something to think about. (not that it will be seen) :rolleyes:



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