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My first 1/32


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Well here I go. I've had this kit for a couple of years and its time to crack her open.


I also have collected a small mountain of aftermarket parts. Probably wont use half of it



I plan on displaying this bird in flight and I may use this pilot figure. It has very crisp detail.


MDCs cockpit verses the kit part. MDCs set has some of the nicest detail I have seen....just hope I can do it justice.

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First I need to remove the molded on detail from the inside of the fuselage halves.


I was a little heavy handed and removed a little too much from the window sill ( file is pointing to the area)


Not a problem I fixed the error with some plastic sheet.


The panels were a little tricky to line up. They need to be exact so that once the halves are together the floor piece will fit.

The port side doesn't meet the floor and leaves a slight gap. In order to get the placement right I removed the trim wheels from the floor piece and will add them to the port wall separate.

As for the gap I don't think it will be visible once she is closed up.



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according to Modeler´s Eye #3 the control marked with the green arrow is a manual control for the radiator flaps, to be used when the aircraft´s hydraulic system is damaged.

The control marked with the red arrow is for emergency release of ordnance and external tanks.





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Thanks for the help.


Here is the bracket for the radiator flap control and external tank release. Its an Eduard bracket since the MDC kit only gives just one handle.


Im also using a combination of Eduard, MDC, Hasagawa, scratch pieces for the trim wheels.


I'll put them on after the painting of the sidewall. It lines up nice this way since the floor and wall dont match up too well.

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Its a slow progress, but it is progress


Wheel trim test fit


I have added some wire detail and fixed the area where the trim wheels will sit. Too bad it will all be hidden...especially if I can fit the figure.


RLM 66




My initial test fits have shown me that the resin figure will need to go on a diet to fit the cockpit.

So I'm now planning on using a combination of the kit figure and the resin one to come up with a lean (in shape) pilot.



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Ok I'm starting to pick out some detail


I have a question about the radio helmet connection...Where does it go to exactly?

I'm a little nervous about carving up the cable on the resin piece. I just want to make sure everything will fit and look right before I start scrapping.


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