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1/32 Azur Polikarpov I-16, Repblican Forces, Spain, September 1938

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I wanted to have a "play-mate" for my previously posted Eduard Bf109E-1 from J/88, so I built an Azur I-16 I had in the stash. Not a bad little kit, the wing attachment was a bit fiddely, and since there is no seam where the parts join, it took a bit of work to smooth out the curve at the wingroots and the underside of the fuselage. The kit is OOB except for the gear retaction wires (made from fishing line) and the pitot tube. I still need to do the gunsight one of these days, but it looks good in the case with the 109 nonetheless :)



















Here is what is on the bench (major parts (wings, fuselage, tailplanes, rudder) not yet glued together):




Thanks for looking!





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Rata....I hate Rata and its laser MGs. I always had trouble shooting down ratatas. U miss it and while zooming up u always see streams of damn lasers...dead in sec if get hit by it :)

Oh just my little frustrations from Il-2 online computer game :lol::):):)


Model looks perfect, u did a great job, I love gentle weathering, add more to reality .


now put 109 behind it and stick large firecracker in cocpit and detonate it :goodjob:



Dejan :):):)

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Great looking Mosca, Doug! The Ishak has always been one of my favourite planes. I need to get one to put next to my Hobby Boss IL-2 (whenever I finish it).





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