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Trumpeter AV-8B Questions...

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Hi All

I'm aware of the flaws in this kit and I still think for the most part this will build it to a nice kit.


My questions are...


-Can the gun pod be re-worked and made to look the part, or should it just be left off.

-I know that the drop tanks are mis shaped, are the tanks off the 1/32 A-4 shaped better? If so I know where to get my tanks!

-since the kit didn't have Sidewinder rails is there another kit that I could rob them from?


Well that should be about it for now,




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Yes the gun pod may be easily reworked. However, you're on your own to scratchbuild a replacement panel between them. The kit one (actually intended to improve the Harrier hovering effect) is unfortunately way underscale.


Yes, Skyhawks tanks may be used.


Regarding Sidewinders rails, they are standard. Hence, any kit such as the Hornet or Tomcat ones may give you some.



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