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Trumpeter English Electric Lightning corrections

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OK - as some will know I now have a workshop/studio/bolt-hole courtesy of my day job employers and the exchange of a small amount of monthly rent.


Soo - along with a certain B-24 wing correction (still in progress) I'm back on the Lightning parts.


Lunchtime today:




More to follow in coming weeks - but note the two test casts of corrected tailplanes - was quite pleased with those!


Canopy is priority just now - and I have a little more confidence in my materials/equipment/skills now, having vacced the canopies for the two-seat Spitfire conversion I've done.



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Brilliant news Iain. I'm not sure how many sets I need but it is more than one (Probably 3 or 4) and I will be happy to take a couple of sets of B-24 wing parts too - when they are available! ;)



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