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Trumpeter English Electric Lightning corrections


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OK - appears there's some interest out there still - thanks for all your responses!


No promises as I'm still on a very steep learning curve here - but am feeling more motivated again. Don't have a lot of self confidence in my abilities these days - so can be my own worst enemy when it comes to getting things finished.


Fortunately I have some very good friends who've had experience of producing their own model products who seem to be happy to give their advice/expertise when needed.


As you can see - most of the basic shapes are done (a huge amount of work) - it's final fettling and surface detail that needs to be done - although I haven't sorted the wings yet.


I'm still a way off having anything of production quality - but will focus first on finishing the canopy/sill area as I think this will have the most impact on a finished model.


Liberator wing correction priority - but I'll take some Lightning parts into the office so I can fettle at lunchtimes when I'm in the office.


I'd still really like to do a few Lightning builds for my own enjoyment - which is where this all originated!


Blue skies,





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8 hours ago, Robthepom said:

i subscribed to your website, i'm very interested


Is there a reason why i cant see the earlier photos on this thread anymore???


Apologies - the photos were hosted on my old website - so links no longer work I'm afraid.


I still have all the photos - so if there's anything you want me to dig out and re-post just shout.



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On 4/29/2019 at 10:44 PM, Iain (32SIG) said:

Holy thread resurrection Batman!


Have been asked a few times recently what happened to the Lightning parts I was working on for the Trumpeter 1:32 Lightning...


Well, I kind of lost the will on this one - kept finding new things that needed fixing and lost interest - just got burned out.


However, with the recent emails I've received (plus seeing another Lightning project appear on LSP) I'm thinking it would be a pity to waste all the work I've done so far.


So - question - is there still interest in some correction parts out there?


This is where I was at:




Above: F1a




Above: F Mk 3




Above: F Mk 6




Canopy and cockpit sill area...




Cannon ports...




Kinda where I left off.


Is there still interest out there?






I will purchase a couple of sets. Kits ready and waiting

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