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Airfix Mk I Hurricane

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Hi all


Had thought about doing the Mk Ib Spit but, it would involve

lots of scratch building, and I really would like to finish this GB


Soooo I decided to build my Hurri which has been

waiting patiently it's turn to be built. :speak_cool:


I have decided to build pretty much OOB with a little

scratch wiring and a Sutton harness and depnding on progression times

maybe a montex mask.


The reason for OOB is I have some other projects underway

including a full Short Sunderland interior build and of course my

RNZAF TBF 1c Avenger (and I want to get some of my models built this lifetime :) )


I know the Spinner is something of an issue to some modellers, but truth be told I'm not going to fuss


So if I start going overboard, someone please give me the proverbial smack up the

side of the head :D



Anyway I digress so starting with the obilatory pictures


Box top



Squadron markings are for Flt Lt IR Gleed 87 Sqdn, Exeter May 1940 and

Sqn Ldr Peter Townsend 85 Sqn Church Fenton Oct 1940


Strictly speaking the 87 Sqn aircraft is not BoB, but I don't doubt the aircraft

flew in the battle albiet with a revised prop cone colour possibly (black??)


And also strictly speaking 31 October 1940 was the end of the BOB ....


85 Sqn Machine


87 Sqn Machine



Kit pictures





Next step Glue and paint and onward and upward- more soon





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Can't wait to see how this turns out. :) I heard the Airfix kit is just as good as the Trump kit.

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Good stuff Alan.


Eduard harnesses?


Thanks Keith


Re the Sutton harness, probably try my hand at scratch building






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Hi All


A small update


Have started the Merlin, which is a model in itself!!!




Small gap to fill here but once painted Black, probably not so noticeable



I had read a build of another modeller who had built the kit, and had problems with the upper coweling

not fitting over the rocker covers- great just what I didn't want :BANGHEAD2:


As I didn't want to face the same issue part way through my build I decided to test fit







All seems OK. so I'll continue, but just to make sure, I may just thin out the upper cowel some anyway.


Interestingly enough Airfix actually gives you the option to build your model sans engine



OK, off to bed as o-dark hundred hours will be around, too, too soon :goodjob:


More soon





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I still love this kit...OOB it makes a nice looking Hurri. Last one I built I think the only "extra" I added was the Sutton harness.


Looking forward to it!


Tim W.

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Hi Alan


nice to see these big kits getting an airing. Looking forward to your progress.




Richard. :speak_cool:

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Hi Guys,


Thanks for your comments, sorry for the tardy reply to them.


Have been trying to get some work done and

photos to post.


So far


Merlin Mk III


I have painted it, first applied some Testors steel

and then Humbrol Semi gloss.


I think I thinned my Black a little too much, and the steel

is showing through, so will need another coat :innocent:



The rocker cover is on just for effect, I painted those in gunmetal and they polished

up nicely :lol:


Glycol Header tank painted black (though I suspect Steel would have been just as appropriate)

also as are parts of the ignition harness



I need to find out what colour the leads are for a WWII Merlin, I have seen them different colours

but those I suspect are restored ones


Forward Fuel tank

The fit was not so great, so if I add any filler its going to destroy the pattern

Airfix have molded on there



Finally for tonight, the rear cockpit bulkhead/Pilots back amour plate




I have drilled out the indent space so the Sutton harness will be able to go through.

Also attached what I gather are the seat adjusters.


I would imagine that they are supposed to be oppositely similar in angle, but some

how the moldings are not, one is out of sync



I may just drill a new hole for the Port side and re-attach to bring them back into sync.


More soon.





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