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1/24 Hurricane I, 32 Sqdn Biggin Hill/Hawkinge

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Good show, bro. Really nice detail work. Good color contrasts, too.

I like how you made the chain.


Ah you found me!

I was hoping to keep my head down over here!


Thanks for the kind words Mark,


I'm currently trying to get the cockpit framing together and laminating the ip.



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Quick update.

IP done.

The brass looking Boost Control Cutout "plunger" is real brass.

No it hasn't got a crackle black finish, its the lighting.




Thank You.



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Thanks for stopping by and the kind words Matt!

I'm getting to the point where I think the cockpit(and me) have had enough so I can move on with the build.

The last bit of detailing is to the frame that sits under the ip and goes under the seat.

The kit piece for the undercarriage/flap selector was removed and a piece of drilled out card and selector lever was added.

On either side of the bottom of the ip are push/pull plungers for the supercharger control and cylinder priming pump.

I made these from drilled out rod.

For the plungers I used a technique that I saw on one of Fozzy's builds.

I held a piece of 0.5mm rod near a candle and the end started to melt forming a really good top.

I have used a couple of old pe placards for the slider guages for the flap and radiator flap indicators.

These and the flap/U/C control lever will be wired after painting. I also have to add one of my pre-made cockpit lights over the compass.









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Thanks for the kind words Mark, Loic and Brian!


Painted and did a bit of detailing on the frame under the ip.

Painted the plungers for the supercharger controls black as in my refs they appear to be bakelite

and added the cockpit light over the compass:




Placed in the cockpit. I've yet to add the cables from the flap/undercarriage lever.

Dirtied up the footboards but left a cleaner area where the driver's heels rest:




'nother view:




In the fuse:




I'm currently working on the windows in the cockpit floor into the wheelbays.


More soon.



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