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1/24 Hurricane I, 32 Sqdn Biggin Hill/Hawkinge

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Thanks for the kind words to the usual suspects!!!

Time to eject myself from here before the bloody Sith take over from the "Phantom Menace"!!! :evil_laugh:

Been finishing up adding all the last few bits such as pitot tube and aerial wires etc.

Please forgive the first few photos as I forgot to reset my colour balance for my internal lighting so they are a bit green!!!!


Got the tailwheel on. Had to thin down and drill out the towing brackets.




The tail light is almost shrouded by a black plastic cover on the real thing so it had to be painted up:




The gear went on ok. I've chopped those lovely vinyl tyres with a razor saw so she sits better.

It was tricky as you have to allow for a bit of camber for the wheels to sit right.

This photo is rather green!!




I painted the pitot tube brown and drybrushed with brass to give it a worn effect.

The step was modified to an earlier one by removing a bit of the lower bar and folding the bits in. I added the flap on the handhold

which is open on a Hurricane when the step is down.


And so we reach the end!




I've been taking some outside pictures for the RFI post which I'll probably do tomorrow.


Great kit.

Great masks from Ad Astra.

Finished before the deadline!


Thanks for looking in!



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What did you use for the white bit on the antenna aerial at the back next to the vertical stab?


Big blob of PVA wood glue.

Dries in about 30 mins then a blob of MM white, hey presto one insulator!



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Saw this old thread but had to comment, what a build!  I've loved looking at interview clips of Pete Brothers, awesome guy.  The Hurricane looks fantastic and I LOVE the weathering, does not have all that panel shading of the artistic "computer generated" look...very nice!

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