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HE-419 Advanced Nightfighter

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This is going to be an HE-419 advanced high altitude nightfighter. Got the intel from Doc here on the site and some other intel I got off google. The only difference between the two is the super chargers and extended wing span and area for the 419. There were six built, but pics were taken since all six were destroyed after a night raid by the RAF. Waiting for a new canopy for here because the kit one being yellowed. She's about 60% as well before primering and finishing detail work.


All comments and remarks welcome.










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Larry, I gotta tell ya, I find you amazing. You turn out vac kits at such an incredible rate, but more importantly at such an incredibly high quality it makes me shake my head in wonder.


Am I to understand the He-419 is wing extended, up-engined He-219?


Thanks in advance.



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always quite liked the 219 and this bird looks even better


219 was first plane with ejector seats btw pretty cool eh?

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