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Great result there!

What paint are you using, MM or Gunze? What decals are you going to use.

Presumably you had to use a low psi on the airbrush?

Is this the late WW2 or Korean war version?

Looking forward to the return of the orange retro 70's chique curtains!


Lovely build of this old kit!

Looking forward to more!


Phil :tumble:

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Now that the colder weather is setting in my dyin to start a new project!!!


BUT I need to finish where I make those projects or I may never do it. Got some really cool Ideas I want to incorporate that shouldnt take that much money or work. The amenities like the refrigerator, wall mounted TV, stereo will come last.


First things first, needed to finish the paint before construction could begin...............which I did finally last night with the help of the GF.


A nice Serene Sky blue with silver white trim from Behr paints. The paint seems to keep the room and my mood nice and light........














Had to wait for the inspector to show up before the painting phase of this project could officially be finished. :rolleyes:



FINALLY.........sheesh, she sure took her sweet time...................Inspector Jinx on the case...........



"Hmmmmmm floor still looks a mess. Youll have to get it clean. Mark off on that."




"Paint work looks satisfactory. Check."




I wonder if I passed..............


"You passed, but not by much Mr!"




WHEW!!!! Close one.


On to construction of they L shaped work bench tomorrow!



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Looking good there Brian, it is nice to have a light room and the colours you picked are just right.


You have seen my room which I posted early this is what it looked like before I started, I had a lot of fun building it


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Thanks guys!

It really isnt a huge room or anything and will be nothing professional, but will hopefully by the time im done, be filled with things any plastic/resin building model maker would like to have............I hope.


That "vision" still exists in my head. My previous model room was actually smaller so Im enjoying the larger space and the ability to open (when it gets warm again) the sliding glass doors.


The work L shaped work bench im designing is quite large (x1 80" x 30" section and x1 80" x 28" section) and will give me plenty of space to work on things and will exist directly below the 3 4 lamp fixtures I have installed.


*YAWN* Can NOT believe im up this early! Its not even 11 AM here and I work nights.........but not last night.........just not used to seeing this hr of the morning......yikes.


Onward and upward to construction mates!




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This is shaping up to be an excellent modeling room. Have you decided what is going to be the first kit you build to break in the new digs?


I was thinking Id be starting a Has RAAF P-40E as my next project but as the way of most things in our fastidious natures, its taking longer than expected, so the christening project for this new room very well may be a WingScale B-25 straffer! :lol:


BIG OL UPDATE here as I have been working to get the construction phase of the workbench(s) completed, and have forged ahead to completion of said benches.


Had to go pick up a calender for the new room, as every guys model cave should have one of the birds they love after all!

Picked this one up at the local mall






I started the bench construction by getting the required 8' and 10' 2x4s needed and got jamming building the frame I had designed and laid out earlier.


Frame was not hard to build and is significantly OVER built for the purpose it will serve, including boards lag bolted directly into the suds of the walls, joining the 2 main 10' 2x4s that support the main weight.

To tell you the truth, it turned out SO well built I didnt actually need any legs except the end ones on the main bench side, but I put them in to hold the lower 1x4s anyway.













After making sure that I had measured and measured about a 100 times to make sure all was square relevant to the doors that make up the top working surface, I clamped the doors on temporarily after finishing the fame to make sure all was still square and true. Then I added the lower 1x4s and lag bolted those on for sturdiness.

Sure enough, my measuring paid off!







I then turned my attention to stiffening the whole structure and making the corners rigid while the top was clamped on to maintain all my earlier accurate measuring.

I added corner pieces and "T" pieces designed for outdoor 2x4 house construction, and these are ULTRA heavy duty and do not give nor bend in any way keeping the whole thing from moving.










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Next, I moved on to the final covering top material for the benches.

I chose 4' x 8' panel sheets of a semi-gloss very sturdy material similar to "dry erase" board. Material has a semi gloss stark white color and should make finding small PE parts much easier.


Cool enough of a bonus with this material, dry erase markers actually DO work on it and wipe off nicely so I can write corrections, calculations, or scribbles or drawings with no issues! COOL! :party0023:










To do next was laying the sheets out up-side down and tracing the door outline onto the covering sheets.







This material has a press board type backing to it and is easily cut by a circular saw.

So I traced the outline, and used a roll on contact adhesive, rolling on the glue on the door side and covering side both with a standard paint roller. Worked VERY well.

After the initial construction was complete I slapped a coat of paint on the frame with the exception of the outer sides, which will get paint once the brackets holding the doors to the frame are installed.


Let both sides dry for 30 -40 min and then laid the cut covering pieces on the doors and this is what I ended up with.





I then clamped the boards back to back and put weight on them to let the contact cement cure.






I picked up a very nice (and CHEAP) finishing router from my local Harbor Freight shop and a nice guided routing bit, to smooth the edges of the covering material, and so it would match the outline of the doors as well.


After the contact cement was dry, I pulled the doors off again and used the router to route the edges smooth. I then clamped on the doors again to line things up, and laid the brackets out the will secure the doors to the frame.








Then.........proceeded to bolt the finished and covered doors on.





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After the finished boards were secured there was really only two things left........








I went a head and finished the rest of the edge painting keeping all a simple white that stands out and can easily be re-painted. The final workbench surface is nice and smooth.






Finally I have to of course, get the bench construction and paint work officially "inspected". :lol: :rolleyes:


Inspector Jinx is BACK!




However, THIS time round our dear inspector Jinx has brought her assistant, Inspector JG, "Sammy"








"I cant quite see up here. Need to sit up a bit...........looks satisfactory to me, but well have to run it by Inspector Jinx first"







"Is this some sort of Food bribe sir?!?! Well I better check it out to make sure......."







Seems approval is eminent......








Wait a minute!


We may have a problem..........


"SIR, if your going to bribe me, next time do it with STEAK! "






WHEW! Another close inspection passed!


But not withstanding one last VERY CLOSE scrutinizing glare from our inspector.........




NOW tis on to the construction of the bracing and bracketing and piping that will make up the spray booth. Then on to the PC monitor and possibly TV.......


TIll later gents,


Thanks for stopping in........








"Hmmmmmm floor still looks a mess. Youll have to get it clean. Mark off on that."

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Perhaps when (and if), I get around to redoing the portion of my basement that is earmarked for “stash stowage”, I’ll do a WIP similar to what you’ve got going on here, (with permission from the staff of course). My job will be easier though, as I have no inspectors to contend with!



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