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F-5 Tiger II VFC-111 Sundowners

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Thanks Brian, Mark and Dave for your comments.


Big Matt, Yes I did get back to work!!!!! :punk:


She is near enough finished apart from the strange blobs that purport to be sidewinders that are going on the wingtip rails.

Couple of things further regarding this build.

All the gear doors should be up when on the ground.

I mentioned the main doors previously but I have also confirmed the nose gear door should also be up.

The tank they show in the instructions is way too big.

Luckily there were a couple of drop tanks in the "not to be used with this version" that matched the tank on the box top photo so I removed the

vertical fin and its pretty much identical.

I have also learned that the wide nosecone tip on this kit is not correct for this particular scheme in real life but is ok for the blue and brown schemes.

Well, as its oob and I didn't have a more pointy one it stays. (Can't tell the difference from side on anyway!) :hmmm:

Lastly, don't even bother securing the pitot tube as per the instructions. The locating pin is as much use as a chocolate tea pot.

If it wasn't oob I would have replaced it with brass tube but instead I drilled it out and firmed it up with a bit of internal brass rod.

Once completely finished I will take the "posh" photo's and stick her in ready for inspection.

In the meantime here's a few quick shots.


Yes he's back and he's staying!!!!!




Couple more:






Hope you like!!



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Thanks Kev and Keith.


One thing I forgot to mention was the CO's nickname on the decals is "Tool" obviously because of the DeWalt connection.

(I'm a Makita and Bosch man meself).

I don't know about you guys from down under but if you call a bloke "Tool" as in "you are a real tool" in the south of the UK

then the fight starts as its another name for a gentleman's "weapon". :punk:


Just proves the old saying, two nations separated by a common language!



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I just love that paint. Your pilots gesture seems all the more appropriate because I had to buy a new battery for my DeWalt drill motor yesterday. $65.00!!! He is laughing all the way to the bank :punk:

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Ahhh, Phil, this is gorgeous!!! What a furgen beauty, makes me want to play with my tool while singing W anchors away... :hmmm:


Something about the F-5 in aggressor colors, especially the blues, makes me kinda like jets.. :punk:

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Oh yeah, we know what a tool is. I work with several...



Funny that Kev, I know quite a few as well!


Anyway, attached the "sidewinders" :frantic: and I am declaring her finished!

Overall its a good cheap kit that basically does what it says on the tin!

It is what it is and I'm OK with that.

What I have rediscovered with this build is the absolute joy of building oob!

Its so refreshing that I would recommend it to anyone stuck with a good dose of AMS!

I have also built this at warp 9 compared to my usual slow impulse speed which is also good therapy.

Couple of finished piccies:






Going to pop over to "ready for inspection" and post some more pictures there.


Hope you have enjoyed it, thanks for watching!


I WILL start the 109 soon, promise! :D



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It's gorgeous mate! Doesn't look like a quick build to me. Might even get one meself - and I don't even like jets!



Thanks Kev!

I moved from props to jets as I was fed up with aerial wires.

Then with jets I got all the intakes aggro (F4 and Tomcat)


Hmmm, know Revell do a nice glider, that's pretty smooth! :clap2:



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