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F-4E Phantom II

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Thanks guys!


I finally decided on a scheme for this one tonight after much pondering. I wanted to do something a bit different so I went searching through the decal drawer and came up with this:




I don't think I've seen one built in a RoKAF scheme and I love using dry-transfers whenever possible, so there you go! Not having to do that much trickier SEA camo had nothing whatsoever to do with my decision. I swear. :frantic:

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Well. Long overdue for some activity on this project, eh?


I finally spent a few hours on it today. Here's what I got done.


Intakes are installed now. There is some filling and sanding to do but they went in extremely well. Better than the CE set did.





I then started on the cockpit. The resin had been washed a long time ago so all I had to do was start cutting all the pour stubs away and decide which was going to get installed pre-or-post paint.


I gave the side consoles a base coat of black:



Then did some basic masking. I know there'll be lots to touch-up but I wanted a base that was airbrushed on.



Then the interior grey color was applied and the masks removed:




The way this kit goes together there isn't much else that can be dome until the pit is finished and installed, so it'll be a little while with the occasional "Here's where the pit is now" updates along the way.


Thanks for looking!

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Dave I know the Dmold intakes are nice but on my last build I went with the kit intakes and cut the inside piece out as you do for the resin intakes and glued it to the outside and sanded everything down. A little more work but I saved 40 odd bucks on the intakes and I didn't have any fit problems with the original intakles matching the side of the fuselage. They look as good as the resin intakes when done.


Great job so far and I look forward to following the build. :speak_cool: Are you going to tackle the raised panels?


Just about to start my Cutting Edge F-4B conversion. Will be VF-111 if I ever find the decals. :)

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Are you going to tackle the raised panels?


Nope! I'm just not all that bothered by the BDR patches. At least, not enough to go through the hassle-factor of removing them! :coolio:

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Thanks guys....


This poor thing has been stalled for such a long time now, along with pretty much everything in my life, :BANGHEAD2: I'm really hoping that this GB serves as a kick in the pants to get me going again. Fingers crossed...

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