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R.I.P Ruzlkampf (Russ Camp) - You will be missed

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Now added to my list above. Thanks, Kevin.


Charles Metz




You also forgot :


The scratchbuilt F5-U "Flying Pancake"


The twin build of the Piper Cub and LS 8 glider


The P-38 L Lightning


The Me 262 B-1a nighfighter conversion


The Aussie A4-G Skyhawk


which Russ started and completed in the last two years (and I'm sure I've forgotten more ...)


Russ was a prolific builder, his building speed lengendary, and all of his builds brought something to this Group. I for sure would never have started a scratchbuilt project without Russ' inspiration in his F5-U build. It's been said here by many, but I will sure miss him.


So of course I am game for any "Trip to Russville" GB, with a scratchbuilt project, and will store all my other projects for that !




PS: and I also want to concur with Butler to thank Mia for caring to register here just to let us know about Russ' passing. It shows how much people outside this community cared for Russ and for his areas of interest.

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I think you just nailed the name of the GB! "A Trip to Russville" is most fitting. More importantly, I know it would really make him smile.


Indeed. My intention is to make this LSP's most unrestricted GB ever; as long as it's in an appropriate LSP scale, it qualifies. Started, not started, scratch build, whatever. Just do it for Russ. For myself, I intend to build one of the very kits that Russ generously gave me, just because he thought I might like them.



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I was not personally affiliated with him, but I know him well for his craftmanship and positive outlook on the hobby and just in general. His crazy ambitions and passion for this hobby is sometimes what makes our AMS not seem too bad. As with any tragic news, his passing away affects everyone, whether we knew him personally or remotely.


We may have lost Russ, but the subsequent models that we may build will hold a small tribute to someone with a big heart.


From a 17 year old LSPer, I will build on. Knowing that I too, was inspired by his ambitions.


I'm buckled and ready to go on A trip to Russville as well.


Dom "Schwarze 1"

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I had spoken to Russ here many times over the course of the last few years, and even though he claimed that he was a self-proclaimed "jabber-jaw", he helped me out a couple of times with issues I had during certain builds. I will miss his non-conventional thinking when approaching not only hurdles in our hobby, but hurdles in life. He was one of a kind, I will miss his banter immensely....I enjoyed our conversations.


I agree with all of you- I think "A Trip to Russville" groupbuild would be an awesome tribute to a man who epitomized what this site is about, and what makes us all great here.


Blue Skies and Tailwinds my friend.......




Brian "THOR" Thoresen

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Although the many heartfelt testimonials here indicate clearly that Russ contributed much more than models to our group, a thoughtful browse through of his work might help us to remember him in an appropriate way. By posting links below, please add to the following list any significant threads that we've missed:

Sadly, and with respect,

Charles Metz


P-51D 'Nooky-Booky IV', Maj. Kit Carson Dec 29 2009



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Do not forget these








I do not know how to change the titles but I believe Charles will take care of that.




And three more I had overlooked :


Fokker E VIII


Fokker Dr1 Jasta 7


Fokker Dr1 Richthohen


His output was so great one tended to take it for granted....



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After a couple of days out I'm shocked to read Russ has gone much too young.

Like everyone of us, I enjoyed his speedy builds with original ideas and humorous comments.

I also think he was a very great guy who wil be sadly missed!


My sincere condoleances to his family, friends and his LSP family here.


Count me in for a trip to Russville GB.



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