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R.I.P Ruzlkampf (Russ Camp) - You will be missed

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To anyone who followed any of ruzlkampf's posts about the models he has built - he passed away on Wednesday night while at work. He was an awesome guy and it saddens me deeply to see him go. Thankfully he gave me many many things to remember him by... here is a pic of just a few of the models I have of his.



Mia Konnect

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I've just spoken to Russ's landlord and have confirmed this terrible news. At just 54 years of age, one hell of a nice man has been taken from us. I'm still reeling from the news.


I'll now share with all of you that Russ was "The Shadow" who donated many kits as prizes for our Group Builds. He never wanted any recognition for his generosity. He's given so much of his time and efforts to people from this site, for no other reason than that he was a great human being. I guess that having as much passion as he did was too much for his heart to take.


If I get any more info about services or anything else I'll pass it along.


You'll be missed, my friend.


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Oh my GOD. I really cant believe this. I mean I havent even been here this long......but.......im in shock. I mean, well I dont really know what I mean.


Im truly sorry to hear this news. Im not even sure what to say. :speak_cool:


My heartfelt condolences to his family.



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It hasn't been a particularly great week here at LSP with one thing and another, but this is just the worst. Many of us here, including myself, counted Russ as a friend, and this news is a great shock. Not only was he a great friend to LSP, but as Dave notes, he was a great benefactor too. He was the single-most generous person I've ever encountered, and he will not be forgotten.


Vale Russ.



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I don't know what to say. I counted Russ as a friend. What a great personality and person.


I am lucky to have been the recipient of some of his generosity over the past two years and will miss his lively banter on LSP. I have two of his unbuilt kits in my shop and they will take on a new meaning for me when it comes time to build them. Right now I am too upset to think.


Thank you Russ.


Your buddy,



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Oh my God...


When I first began to read this post, I thought it was some kind of cruel joke. I really do not know what to say. Russ was one of the best I have ever seen, and his work and posts were among the finest I have ever seen. I will miss him very much.


God Speed Russ.

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It is hard to hear this news.

The reality does not sink in right away.

Life is precious and thank God for every day we have here on this Earth.

We were all blessed by his presence here on LSP.


Russ' humor, wit and great modeling skills will surely be missed.

It hurts very much to lose such a member, a friend and great guy like Russ.


My thoughts and prayers are with his family.




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If there is a way to pass on My deepest sympathy to Russ's family, Please do.

He will be missed.

It was sad enough when he took a break from us, but it was understandable.

It is even more sad to have him not return.

God Grant you eternal peace Russ.




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I too can't believe it, life can throw up some very cruel moments and this is one of them. His posts were so vibrant, making the difficult look easy, all laced with such humour. Deepest condolences to your nearest and dearest, you'll be very sadly missed.

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Oh my God.... what a shock....

I never met him personally, but his humor and upbeat wit inspired me more in my 'real life' trials and tribulations than my projects. It's a far more intimate awareness of who somebody really is when reading their written words about a great passion in their life than any casual social contact or even close friendship could ever hope to convey, and Russ certainly shared a great deal of himself here on this site.

I've no more words to write about it....

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