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Foiled Hasegawa P-51D


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Well now that I have officially finished the Mk XIV mutant and the contest is over, I went ahead and spent some time "resetting" my model bench/model room.

Basically this is fancy talk for cleanin which it needed desperately before I moved on to the next project......



Here is the next project to hit my workbench. It is a Hasegawa P-51D that I will be both covering in foil, as well as painting. I have not actually modeled a P-51 in literally YEARS; not since my days in high school prier to my recent modeling Renaissance back in 2007.


I also realize what kind of builder I am and that Im pretty much going to build this in my usual style....concentrating on unique things about this ship, like its 2nd cockpit in place of the radio shelf.......its HIGHLY polished fuse and its unique colors. I also realize I am by no means a P-51 expert, of which there are PLENTY roaming this site, so im sure inaccuracies will abound from a Mustang-heads perspective. So with that being said, and me modeling by LAR (Looks About Right) I will be starting with the Has offering and getting rid of the raised detail, along with lowering the flaps and adding a resin pit, moskit exhausts, resin wheels, and a Rutman prop, but mostly assuredly NOT correcting every single thing to make it 100% accurate.


This one is going to call on ALL my skillz (if you can call them that :thumbsup:) with lots of hacking on the kit, sanding of raised details, lots of foil that needs to be HIGHLY polished, and paint on top of that. It will also be a bit of a departure for me with gloss surfaces abounding......well no weathering to speak of on this bird!


This particular LSP is going to be modeled after the real 1:1 Mustang. Dixie Boy is a resto P-51D flying out of Florida:











Here are a few vids of her first flight on November 6, 2009:


Dixie Boy First Flight - Run-up #1


Dixie Boy First Flight - Run-up #2


Dixie Boy First Flight - Takeoff


Dixie Boy First Flight - Landing


Well as I was composing this WIP thread, I just recieved the last remaining pieces of this puzzle I was waiting for.....an Aries cockpit set (that will be highly modified) and an Eduard color cockpit set.


I will post some pics of what Im starting out with and kick this build off right! Hang around and watch the fun and frustration that is sure to follow..... :lol:






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Ill be following this closely. If it isnt a problem, please share your foiling techniques as you go. I have a Mustang I might want to try foil on.





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Fantastic, Brian! I agree with Geoff, and hope you'll use this opportunity to give us a step-by-step look at your foiling techniques, as I'd like to try it someday too. If you can miniaturise that gleaming collection of sheet metal, it will literally be eye-popping!



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Hey Brian,

When they restored this mustang for Selby did they put a jump seat in it or restore it

to original single seat configuration like his last mustang he had restored at Stallion 51...

Thanks, Mike

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This makes me look forward even more to the release of Tamiya's new Mustang next month! :speak_cool:


I hope your just pullin chains cause the would be heart attack city size news......... :speak_cool:

You were jokin right??


Great work on that Spitfire by the way Brian...cheers


Thanks a bunch!




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