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You know when you re-scribe a kit, and you want to make little circular indentations to represent rivets (but don't overdo it). I want a tool that will do this neatly, and exactly the same each time. I've heard of people making them out of syringes, but I don't have the equipment to cut one of these neatly.

Any ideas ?



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Hi there

MDC have just got in stock the 1:32 scale rivet making tool : which will comprise template, guide and 2 punches, along with instructions (yet to be produced, it's very new)

It will be designated as E32005 (well, it has to go somewhere) and we expect to sell these at £6.00

these will be followed by a similar set for 1/48th scale subjects (yet to be priced)

hope this helps


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Also there are rivet guides made for Hasegawa (availble from HLJ) that I recently purchased that are fantastic.


Go to




and search for: Suguremono Tools Series


Be warned however; they are not punch-tools, they are simply flexible straight and curved guides with accurately spaced grooves for hand-punching the rivets with a scriber or other such tool.






I did these rivets using that toolset and a simple scribing needle:





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