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Hey guys, was wondering if anyone has tried using paint thinned with future as a sort of wash to darken a paint job and bring out details.


I have found that Pledge One Go here is good for the same things but would like to know if anyone has tried

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Well I heard mention of it a while ago and thought I would try...it has a funny light pink tinge to it but seems to dry clear...strange.


I got it at the local woolies here mate, wasnt even a big store so probably pretty easy to get.


Just wondering if mixing some enamel paint with it would be effective and not cause some problems...

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Stop Coolie! Future or the equivalent stuff in Australia ( in Germany we have also a equivalent called Emsal Glänzer) is absolute pure acrylic seal-liquid, normally used for sealing wooden floors. Therefore you can´t mix it with enamels, only with acrylic paints! Simple guideline: you can mix future with everything that can be thinned with water, never mix it with stuff that is thinned with alcohol or turpentine.


from a man who has been a painter for over twenty years...



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Hi Chris,


schade dass du so weit wohnst,...sonst wuerde ich dich gerne Kennenlernen.


Vielleicht koennen wir mal telefonieren. Ich schicke dir meine Nummer...


bis dann!




sorry guys only some gossiping about the LSP :huh: .....no no just a joke!

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Hey Coolie,

I'm in Melbourne. I use a product called Johnson Super Shine as a local Future equivalent, however this has been withdrawn from the market due to poor sales, I believe. I've heard of others using the same product as you. A couple of years ago I successfully sprayed Super Shine mixed with Tamiya Acrylic Flat White to get a nice gloss white on an airliner fuselage.

Hope this helps.



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Well look at that, if I had seen this site I wouldnt have been so nervous...so I can try some flat finish to take the shine off and some acrylic paint to tint stuff up a bit...thats great :rolleyes: Might even have a photo or two to put up considering I just got my digital camera

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