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Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc

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Well, here is WIP about the new Spit from Tamiya. Once more, excuse me if I can´t explain with a good english.

The only addons I will use are the RB Productions harness and the Mastercasters resin wheels, I´m not convinces about the vinyl wheels wich are included in the kit.

Before I must say that this is my first 1/32 kit since 1982, when I build a P-51B from Matchbox :rolleyes:


The build began mounting the cockpit´s sides on the fuselage halves, I think this will be better for the wiring and painting process. Some mould sinks must be filled with putty so it can´t be seen after close the cockpit. I add a resin nut from Verlinden to one little deposit in the rigth side.






Next step consisted in drilling the fuselage frames, easy job because holes are marked in the piece. In the fuselage sides and floor I used a drill too, but only to make the holes deeper and give a better look.



In the front panel I sanded a dial and replace for a PE dial taken from the spare box. I cut two switchs in the left side and replace them for copper wire, so the original ones seems very little for me.



In the control column sanded and filled with putty two clamps and I will replace it after painting and wiring the column. I add too some rivets made with alumminium foil and my ultra-sofisticated rivet maker.



And the ultra-sofisticated rivet maker, stolen directly from Area 51...or 69, I don´t remember well... :frantic:







I added some rivets on the pedal pieces too, only to give some detail to these plain areas. This will be barely visible later :DodgeBall:



The "dry" fitting is superb, nearly to perfection.


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And now its time to begin with the painting process. The base color is indicated in the instructions as XF-71 Cockpit green (IJN). I will use it because I read some Spitfire experts and they say that is a correct color.

Anyway it´s tone will be changed during the process so usually I´m not worry about the "perfect" color.

Here is a photo will all the parts that must be painted to complete the cockpit:




The shields are supplied as photoetched parts. The kit included a variety of it. I think these pieces will offer a lot of possibilities for paint.



Well, here is base color with XF-71 and XF-16 Matt alumminium for the metalized areas. I prefer it to the indicated AS-12 Bare metal.

I added some lights with XF-21 specially in the right side wich are a little more iluminated due to the open cockpit door (it´s just what I think :DodgeBall: ). The dark shades were done adding black and matt brown to the base color. Lights and shades must be done with very diluted colors and very low press.














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In this step I worked on the low sides of the cockpit, first with desert yellow and later with a mixture of black and red brown.

Here I supposed the dirt leave back by the pilot´s boots, the continuous flow of powder from the prop when the canopy is open...It will be integrated later when I add oil filters and washes to finish the work.








I work the shields too, in this case using the color in the upper and lower sides.









The base color of the seat is XF-9 Hull red. I didn´t add the seat back, that is not included in the Tamiya kit, so I can add more effects to the bakelite seat.






Bottles are painted in XF-19 Sky grey, with a lower shading, adding more deep to this part.



Well, this is the work until now. In fact I´m painting the small pieces and the front panel support and pedal pieces are almost done, but no photos yet. This night or tomorrow will be.

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Fantastic work Juan! You have impressive skills.


Before I must say that this is my first 1/32 kit since 1982, when I build a P-51B from Matchbox :DodgeBall:


I'd say you're probably thinking of the old Revell kit here, since Matchbox never did a P-51 in 1/32.



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This is some spectacular work on an already sublime kit. Your methods of shading are very impressive- I shall be watching this one!

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The shading is fantastic and gives depth to even the flat pieces. Thank you for the awesome "space-age" rivet makers idea!!! That is a lot easier than trying to slice them off a styrene rod.



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Thanks for your words :) .

Well, just a few photos to update the post. The front frame in near complete, just a few corrections are neccesary.

I use oils and color pencils in this step, dark browns to remark the details and a sand color to simulate dust around rivets and joints. Finally with a light green pencil I add some scratches in the edges and various areas, as can see in the photos.

The stencil cames fron the spare decals box. This is one thing that makes me think a lot because I can see different stencil distributions in all the photos I have :frantic:

A dark red brown was used in the edges too and, once it´s dry, I added a metallic shine with a pencil. It can´t be seen in the photos, and the piece appears much more weathered than is "in the hands".

I will make better photos when the cockpit is finished, this week, I hope... :thumbsup:








The ¿oxygen? bottles are completed.




Hope you like it.

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Beautyful start. Fantastik modeling work. Great painting job too. I wish I could pait so well. :speak_cool:

Keep working, mate.

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