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"Some more tweaks to add to the the A-10 list:


The engine fan center cone is wrong; being too shallow, small in diameter, and completely the wrong shape.


MLG wheels are not quite right in hub proportions and detail. The main and nose wheel recesses need to be deeper and the brake detail on the mains is quite fictional. The main tires are a bit too thin in cross section as well."


(Thanks Mike!)

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First of all Thierry thanks for the Compilations!!!!


Was there ever a finished tweak list of the Trumpeter 1/32 AV-8BII Plus? OR is the Dave Roof thread it?

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No, there was none. Dave thread is one of the most useful sources but is not exhaustive... unfortunately.


I still have to update and upload all the existing lists on the website but I need time to re-format the files... and currently, I don't have a lot of time.

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Just to give you the opportunity to find the most recent tweak lists dedicated to the last Me109G6 kits, here's the set of relevant links:


Revell Me109G6 tweak list thread:




Trumpeter Me109G6 tweak list thread:




Moreover, there was also an interesting thread about a comparison between the two aforementioned kits with the prior Hasegawa release:







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