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1/32 Dragon P-51D

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I don't usually show my work, except at local meetings,

but I thought I'd throw caution to the wind

and show the world a project I did for my wife.


My wife asked me to build her an airplane, so when I found these

Green Nosed Mustang decals with her name (Janet), it was only a

matter of time before I sat down and labored through the process

of building an airplane once again.


So, after over 20 some odd years of armor building, I managed to finish this:



Painted checker board, fitted windshield. A littles silvering to 'Janet'. Oh well.



Stenciled codes and serial number. Codes are my wifes' initials. Serial number is her birthdate (April 7, 1958).

I goofed and didn't cover the fuselage star when I did some invasion stripe touch up, or something, and removed some of the decal.

So I painted the spot aluminum. The canopy is futured. The kit national markings were from hunger. No amount of Sol

would settle them down.



Painted fuel caps and canopy latches. I painted the flaps laquer aluminum.

When I removed the tape some paint pulled off.



You can see where the .50's don't have covers on this wing. The other wing they do.

I didn't like the seam running thru so I sanded off the covers.

I rounded some tube and fit it to the other wing.

That wing was able to accept the covers because I did not finish the opening by sanding it 'to scale thickness',

as it were, like I did this wing.



The rockets don't fit to their base and the aux. fuel tank brace area needs work

The struts gave me a fit. For those of you who have built this kit, you'll know. I built two of the same strut.

The tires flop around on the rims so I had to shim them so the tires would fit. I absolutely hated the way the

struts fit into the wing.



Some detail painting. This was probably the most fun I had with the kit.

The bottom of the wing has a pebble texture. I sanded some of it off before I quit.

I think this is the cause for the light scratchy spots in the central grey area.

But maybe not.


Anyway, what's done is done. I hope you like it.

Thanks for looking.




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Very nicely done Mark! I can tell from the rivets that it's the Dragon kit, but you've whipped it into shape beautifully. I'm sure your wife will be very happy with it. I would be!



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Fantastic work on that Mustang, Mark!

I like very much the special care on the weathering, subtle and well done. Personally I love strong weathering (when is recommended).

The pics a bit dark...try to play with lighting to show better that beauty.



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Nice job on a difficult kit. Your skill shows. Youve definately created a Mustang worth admiring. Nicely done.






Mustangs are like money...you can never have enough <_<

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Great Job.  


It's funny...I have a "wife" model waiting in the wings as well.  Will be a half OD/NMF 357th/Yoxford tail 1/32 P-51D early.  Have masks already created for her initials and her name as well.  





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