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Finished the toolboox and started on primer on top fuselage. Painted around overhead windows in black first so I wont have any surprised once I glue and mask windows. I should be adding windows this weekend.

I am also trying to position the best way all the pieces in the diorama. There are so many items to work with and I have never positioned so many. Trying to find the right balance .

Fair to say that the last stage of the Huey has begun







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Photobucket is down for another 2 days till it resets itself then I will be able to post the progress photos.

Heres whats done as of today.

Second window installed and applied clear resin to it.

Future front windshield and lower windows and attached one lower window . I lost one set of tail rotor pedals so painting a new set so hold on second window.

Preshaded the tailboom in black and constructed a step ladder/steptool in brass(saw a photo next to a Cobra) and had to do it.


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Check that out. Each new update is more flabbergasting than the previous. How is that possible?


What did you use as a grate?

Do you have a name for your AH-1 publication in the background? I would be sorely appreciative if I knew its name.


Many thanks.



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Fantastic - of course, it's Oliver - and coming closer and closer to completion ! It's like looking at a great tv-show that somehow you hope will never end, but you want to know how it ends ...


Mark, that book in the background sure looks like the Verlinden Lock On (made in Belgium, by the way!), but I'm not 100% sure.



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