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Hasegawa Ki-84 Hayate

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With the permission of the people in charge of the group build, I would like to start another project (since with all the work the Raiden will need it's possible I may not finish it and I would like to complete something someday).


The story behind this kit is it was purchased when I HAD to have EVERYTHING produced in 1/32nd scale. As my 45th birthday approaches and I look at the over 500 kits (including a 1/128th fiberglass, resin and brass KM Bismarck) I realize I won't finish what I have and while Japanese Naval aircraft are high on my list of interests (actually the whole pacific war is an interest) Japanese Army planes are not. So this kit went into the sell pile but unfortunately I had used the wings for a demo I did at a model show on salt weathering. Can't sell it on ebay so I offered it to a friend but his interest in IJA A/C is less than mine so I said well whoever gets the inkling first. This group build gave me the inkling first.


Here is the work done on the cockpit. Unfortunately the pictures don't show the detail done. I painted it Model Master olivgrun Acryl (since looking into the proper color led me on a chase that culminates in lots of options). Then I whipped up a shade of pastel dust made from yellow, white and black to make a lighter olive color. I added a few drops of water and 'painted' this goop on the cockpit parts, and then after a few minutes, scrubbed most of it off with an old toothbrush. This gave a nice discoloration to the finish. Then a thin black wash for shadow and a heavier brown wash for dirt, drybrushing with oils mixed close to the shade the pastels were. I then picked out the details like the knobs and instruments that were other colors and finished with some steel drybrushing and dotting to simulate paint chipping. I'll try to get better pictures.






Someone posted that there will be a fleet of Oscars. I think Franks will outnumber them!

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Finally, some more work done. Moving in November (then I'll have a whole basement for modeling so look out!) and getting this heap ready to sell is taking up valuable modeling time!


Here is the engine, halfway plumbed with solder. I got tired and decided to finish later (then I have to to the Raiden engine too *sigh*):




Here is the cockpit and pilot so far (pilot needs some touchup and it all needs a coat of flat). Man that pilot does NOT look Japanese:








Hollowed out the exhausts with a drill and knife:




Clear parts dipped in future and under plastic to dry:




Whole model dipped, or sprayed actually, in Future and waiting to dry for a coat of Alclad aluminum:




Sorry some of the pics are blurry but they should convey, I hope. More work tomorrow! Darn I just cursed myself.

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Some more progress and hopefully some better pics.


The engine. I coulda done better with the ignition wiring but I just wanna finish something and light isn't very good where I model now (moving in November and will have the WHOLE basement). I also shoulda used thinner gauge solder but it was the best I had and I shoulda trimmed the ignition points form the ring and I just wanna FINISH SOMETHING!!!! I said there would be a pic, didn't I?




You might also notice I had to replace the front piece (not sure what it is) with a tank return wheel as I lost the kit part somehow (which is weird as it was sealed in the box and I did open and paint the wings for a salt weathering demo but I never touched anything else) and used a pieace of brass for the shaft.


The model finished, painted alclad steel over Future, metal parts masked, canopy in place with Gator glue (I'll see how it works on clear parts) and masked with clear tape.





Tomorrow I lay a lot of salt (I know some modelers don't like lots of weathering but since I am not a big IJA fan I wanna try my hand at that Japanese paint that don't stick) and get a coat of IJA Green and IJA gray on it. Oh yeah, I have a modeling club meeting. Hopefully I'll have time to get some stuff done. Be back soon!

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Thanks for looking, everyone. I did some salt weathering tonight, laying down some water with a little dish soap to break the surface tension and sprinkled salt over it. Then I sprayed Testor's IJA Green enamel over it. Then I came back with a toothbrush scrubbing off the salt revealing the Alclad steel underneath. Aluminum may have been more accurate but I felt a darker metal looked better.


Here's the whole model:




And a close up of one wing after some touch up with a hobby knife:




Next, the same treatment for the underside IJA gray (and some cleanup of tape scum off the canopy parts).

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ALMOST DONE!!!! I've nearly finished something! I even gave the cats their best shot at it (see the pictures are on the table by their food bowl) and they failed! All the decals are on. Just a few parts to paint and attach.






Left to do:


Weather with oils and flat.

Paint the prop blades (amazing how the final coat of paint can so CLEARLY bring out that mold seam you didn't see before)

Paint the tires (never sure of what color to go with)

Paint the canopy frame (did you know Goo Gone will remove enamel? I didn't. Soaked in ammonia, re-dipped in Future and drying)

Attach canopy and wheels and wheel retainer pieces.

Make antennae wire out of stretched sprue and attach

Try to make the pilot look more Japanese or yank him and get a seat belt (trying to brownify his uniform and add some fur around the collar and make his face more Asian)

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Guest Rigor

now i like that look!! all beaten to s##t!! :blink: nice work :blink:

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I'm at the last day before being finished and I wasn't going to post with just a couple things left to go but I had to thank everyone for their kind words. Here are few next to final shots. Only thing needs doing is some flat on the prop which was just decaled tonight and a touch of paint in the antenna wire. I was going to chip the prop but as I've said a so many times you must be getting sick of hearing it (especially the IJA fans to whom I mean no offense) this was in my collection to be disposed but the group build was an excuse to build it and being Hasegawa new tool out of the box seemed fine so I have no references and the point is - I dunno what the prop is: metal or wood. SO it's a new prop just replaced for the next mission and in pristine condition.








Some notes - The wire is stretched sprue attached with Gator glue. The exhaust and gun blast stains are pastel dust. I apply decals over a flat surface, removing the glue with water and applying with Future then decal set over that. It's washed with a black/brown sludge wash mostly wiped off and then a black pin wash in the panel lines. The final flat is Polly S which is the best flat I've ever used. The canopy is attached with Gator glue and let me endorse that stuff. It doesn't dry instantly as CA does BUT it gives you working time to position the parts, dries clear and holds as well as CA (better if you count it has shear strength). When it turned out the tape I used to mask the canopy left scum and the Goo Gone took off the enamel it wasn't easy getting that windscreen off.


I've almost finished my first aircraft since getting back into the hobby fifteen years ago and getting serious. Final Pictures on a white background without the messy kitchen table tomorrow.

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