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Eduards new Bf109E-1

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:) Hi all, :lol:


Just got my Eduards Bf109E and it looks great!


I have only been testfitting the wings and fuselage and glueing the cockpitwalls.

The wheelhubs looks a bit shallow to me, I might use the resinwheels from Promodellers G-4.








Goran in Sweden :lol:

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Hello Goran

(and hello all, as I am new here)


Thanks for showing the pics. Interesting point about the wheel hubs, but would a Gustav's wheels be appropriate? The detailing looks slightly different to me, but I'm no experten.


After selling off pretty much my entire 1/48 collection, I think this kit will be my first in 1/32 since I was about 10 years old (and that was a looooong time ago!).


Kind regards,



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I have been discussing some issues of concern with Jerry for the new Eduard 109E recently. This posting just made to the Hyperscale forums:



Hi guys;

Along with our new three sheets of EagleCals for the Eduard Bf 109 E-1 in 32nd scale, we will also be working on some refinements to the kit itself. Right now we are planning on wheels/tires and control surfaces which will be mastered by Radu Brinzan. He is working on these now and we hope to have the masters soon in order to start casting (we have finally found a good casting guy!)

You can see our new EagleCals which will be available next week, at http://www.eagle-editions.com/Bf109E-1.htm.

As soon as we have them, we will post photos of the resins.


Judy Crandall

Eagle Editions




Mark Proulx

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