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Thanks blackbetty- your thoughts on this sound perfectly reasonable and right on target. Thank you for the image ju88a1- very helpful. I would be interested in ideas on how best to deal with that hole in the windshield. Thanks again.


Rich S.

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Uh, oh.... I've been pushing this problem back everytime it crossed my mind

I will try using a saw to cut out the windshield and put a piece of clear plastic there, maybe attach it with future?

Last possibillity would be vacforming a new one

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back from the holidays (with the kids - dont ask) i took a look at the windshield problem. first i experimented with the glass nose that i wont be using. the material is the same regarding thickness, so i cut some of the flat pieces out. i also tried some mr.dissolved putty and surfacer 1200 on it to see if it would fog the material (it doesnt)

i ruined the part and wasnt able to use the flat parts (my fault), but its possible to use it


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then i carefully dremeled out the front windshield with a cutoff wheel (talk about sweat)

i went very slowly to not melt the plastic. next i cut back the surrounding windowposts with a sharp knife, so the joint between the new windshield and the surrounding material would be hidden under mr.surfacer and paint

this is the second try, the first one was too small. i used whiteglue to attach it


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sorry, but i dont have any updates just now

my ghia finally shipped from california and i have to get my garage and the vehicles in it ready to recieve another car

so instead of firing up the airbrush i had to fire up the welder

(just a little pic to see what i mean)


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Wheeeew....nice job on the sheet metal repair, dude!!! Just did the same repair on a single-cab bus yesterday. Gahhh!, So there's one less VW in California now huh? Got any pics of the ghia? :huh:

Sweetness on the front cockpit glass, it looks nice and sharp. You never cease to amaze me, my friend! Can't wait to see more of this project. Later, Russ

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thanx for the compliment on the sheetmetalwork, that thing is really rusty, but i just want to fix it up as a partschaser

does any self respecting car buff not have any pics of his cars :P ?

this is my favorite

i have had the car for eleven years now and never had to get a rentacar since when being in california :rolleyes:


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