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F-86 F sabre detail photos

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Interesting fact about the f-86 the US Navy wired a bunch of these up to fly by remote control at the aircraft test center in california desert in the mid 1980s i had the pleasure of flying one as a reenlistment request which was then promptly shot down blown from the sky the best 1:1 toy ive ever handled albiet briefly

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At last I have a question.

There is a halfring protuding from the right side of the fuselage filled with some rubberlike compound. Seems this is common to all sabres.

Anyone has a hint?




For now that's all. If this topic lives long enough maybe I can get some more information in autum.

That little hump is just an air disruption device to create suction for the oil cap scupper drain, which is the little hole just in front of the bump.

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