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New 1/32 kit from Azur

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Looks like a welcome addition to the lineup of available kits - all that's missing now is an Arsenal VG.33 and a Caudron 714 (don't Special Hobby, or a similar small manufacturer, do a Hawk 75? or am I wrong?). Azur's kits are quite good value for money, I have their D-520 which looks very nice "in the box" - not having built it yet I don't know if there are fit problems but it certainly looks a lot better than FM's 1/48 kits, most of which are (speaking from personal experience) notorious in this respect, as well as twice the price!

I've always been interested in French WW2 aircraft and built quite a few of them in 1/72 - I certainly never thought that they'd all (single-engine fighters at least) be available in large scale. Now what about a Breguet 693 or Potez 174? :rolleyes:

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Here are a few pics of the Bloch 152, by Azur.


A nice kit, indeed, spot on with reference drawings (in the Bloch 152 bible, a book by "Avions"). Resin details for the engione cylinders, engine cowl, exhaust and gunsight, as well as for the seat (which is a miss, it normally has a tubular framing ...).


Cockpit is sparse, but can do OOB. Two sets of markings, not very spectacular, for Battle of France machines (no Vichy stripes - will certainly come in a futur boxing). Recessed panel lines, with a few rivets (discreet, not Trumpy like)


here are the pics ...






Stef (#6)



















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